Holtville High Schools Seniors Set Up Booth for Grad Night

By: Veronica Tamayo

As the Carrot Carnival arrived in Holtville, this gave the seniors at Holtville High School a chance to earn a little money for grad night which is coming up really quick. The date for Grad night has been set for May 27th  2010. Senior Class President Crystal Arias called up or somehow contacted as many seniors as she could , asking them to help a booth that they were planning on setting up Saturday. Seniors were asked to sign up in Miss MacDonald’s classroom, some were in the morning and other during the parade and last some for clean up. The seniors that assisted with the booth were guaranteed money off their grad night ticket. Sadly because of the bad weather conditions on Saturday, raining and cold wind, not many refreshments were sold that day. Knowing this the seniors got another chance to sell on Sunday. Again Crystal contacted as many seniors to assist with the selling, the same applied for Sunday as it did on Saturday. More hours less money they have to pay for grad night. Many seniors showed up to help. Some were assigned to take an ice chest around filled with water and soda. Going around the carnival with this ice chest seemed to be a good idea. It became easy and cheap for people to buy soda and water for a dollar. The next day Crystal decided to bring out a donation box which the seniors whom went around with the ice chest took with them and they asked people to give any donations. The Rotary Club was generous enough to give their extra doughnuts to the senior booth, which the seniors gave out to those whom gave any donations. This worked very well. Having sold these this items at the carnival gave the seniors a little boast to grad night.