Holtville High School Students Offer Hope For Haiti Through Activities

By: Veronica Tamayo
Holtville High School students all around were devastated by the news of the earthquake that happened in Haiti. Everybody wanted to do something to help out in any way. Wanted to make a difference to those whom were affected by the tragic earthquake.
Then  senior ASB officers, Crystal Arias and Maritza Rios, came up with the idea of donating money to Haiti. After getting it approved by the ASB, a collection envelope was set up in the senior English classroom. After the other ASB officers heard about this great cause that the seniors started, the freshman, sophomore and junior officer decided that they all wanted to help out as well. They all sent out activity requests to the ASB and they all got approved as well. So collection envelopes are now put up in every English classroom in the school.  This way students may donate one dollar to the cause and all students could participate in this great donation. Officers figured that if every student donated at least one dollar the school could raise a little over 600 dollars. Which may not seem like a lot but it still shows that the students care. Students are not restricted to just donating one dollar, if they choose they may donate as much as they would like to. The senior English teacher, Miss Andara MacDonald, said that she would match every dollar that the seniors raised. Which would be great to the cause and it would raise about a 140 dollars more. All officers hope that the students at Holtville High School are able to help out and donate what they can to these poor people that got hit but such a devastating earthquake a couple of weeks ago. Holtville High School hopes to raise enough money to make people happy and make people a little bit safer and healthier in Haiti.