College Thoughts Enter The Minds Of Holtville High School Students

By: Veronica Tamayo
As the year is coming near to a close, it is time for students, seniors and juniors to start thinking more about college. Even though most seniors already got most of their college plans planned out, others still do not. The ones who have college applications in and know what they want to do , still do not know anything about how they are going to  financially.
For the juniors it has come time for them to start looking and thinking hard about college. Knowing how to get there and what they are going to do there. That is why Tuesday January 26th, the High School invited a motivational speaker named John, to come and talk to the juniors and the seniors. He talked to the juniors about them preparing themselves for what was coming and how to get to college. Steps to get the best they could. Telling them that grades were not everything, that it is important to be a well rounded person. For the seniors John told them that college was something that was not as simple that we planned. Telling them that college life was like a treadmill. They had to balance cost of living, cost of schooling and cost of fun. He also explained that it would be easier to get along with people if they communicated well and got to meet people in the real world. John handed out work books so the students could fill in certain important facts they needed to know. After he finished with his speaking he had all the students tear out the back of their work books and fill it out. To make a game out of it, after all the students turned them in he pulled out about 5 names and those students received special prizes like magnets about college. Having the motivational speaker attend Holtville High School opened the eyes to many more students about college and college life.