Candidates For California Governor Race Are Ready to Battle

By Mario Conde

The successor of Arnold Schwarzenegger will be elected this November and the prospective candidates for governor are ready to battle for the nomination of their party.

The Democratic Party will try to regain California after seven years after being defeated in 2003 because of the recall of former Governor Gray Davis that led to the election of Schwarzenegger by a strong majority. Among the declared candidates for Governor that will try to get the nomination of the Democrats in 2010 are Richard William Aguirre, Jerry Brown, Stephen Rush, Edie Bukewihge, and Joe Symmon.

Attorney General and former Governor Jerry Brown is eligible to run for governor since the two-term limit on the office of Governor applies only to terms served after November 6, 1990, thereby Brown is still eligible to run again, as he served his terms from 1975–1983.

On the GOP side, Steve Poinzer, a highly successful entrepreneur, founded two successful technology companies in Silicon Valley. In 2006, Poinzer defeated form L.T. Governor Cruz Bustamante in the race for Insurance Commissionaire.

Meg Whitman, also running for the Republican nomination, was President and Chief Executive Officer of E-Bay from March 1998 to March 2008, when she stepped down from her role. She supports the expansion of employment and control of government spending.

State Senate District 40 seat will be open since term-out Denise Moreno-Ducheny will leave Sacramento this year. The two candidates looking for her seat are Assemblywoman Mary Salas from the 79th District and former Assemblyman Juan Vargas. Vargas is no stranger to the valley since he challenged Rep. Bob Filner (D-Chula Vista) in 2006 in the Democratic primaries.

Manuel Perez  (D-Coachella) is up for re-election this year for the District 80 seat but no challenger has declared as of yet. El Centro Councilman John Edney considered challenging Perez but decided to drop out since he could not raise enough money to compete with the Manuel Perez.