Calexico is Implementing 30-day Pilot Program For Taxi’s

By Mario Conde

People wanting to get a Cab or Bus coming from Mexicali will be able to get it closer thanks to a new 30-day pilot program the City is implementing.

The public transportation system has been moved to First Street and Rockwood Ave.  in an effort to eliminate “raiteros” or the illegal Taxis that operate in that area. The three Taxi Companies are still located at the current hub but they are aligned at First Street in front of McDonalds all the way to the Port of Entry. The Director of the Port of Entry gave the City permission to put the Taxis on First on the condition that the every driver should pass a background check and take their fingerprints.

At the end of the 30-days it will be analyzed by Calexico Officials and Downtown merchants if this move worked or another take another course.

The Calexico Transit System will have two Buses at the corner of Rockwood Ave. and First in front of Temptations.  The local Taxi Companies were moved to the Bus Station on first street in 2002 after being stationed for decades at Rockwood Ave. and First Street and in front of Greyhound Bus Station in Calexico. The move was part of a broad initiative to create new parking spaces in those places. The Calexico City Council believed back then that the local Taxis were causing traffic jams and double parking at Downtown Calexico.

The Taxis were moved to First Street for a couple of weeks last year in an effort to support tourism that were attending “La Serie Del Caribe” and beat “Raiteros” from taking business away from the legitimate Taxi companies in Calexico.

This is the second pilot program being active at the Historic Downtown Calexico that started this month. Second Street in Calexico was made a two-way street three weeks ago and this program will be active for six months since there is a concern by merchants that local residents can’t find parking at downtown Calexico.