Brawley Downtown Subject Of Public Workshop

By Chris Furguson
The City of Brawley held a special public workshop at the Del Rio Community Center on February 13
The workshop was preceeded by a walk of the downtown area, starting from the City’s Council Chambers and Administration Building.
The purpose of the workshop was to, in the near future, develop a specific plan for the downtown area that could be funded.  According to Brawley City Planner Gordon Gaste, areas with a specific plan are more likely to receive funding.
Brawley joins Calexico, El Centro and Holtville in having gone through this process.
The consultants, RDF Consulting of San Diego, organized the event with Brawley’s Planning Department.
The day began with a walk of the downtown area, including some of the more problem areas of the area, including empty buildings, unused spaces and poorly maintained lots.
Brawley’s downtown area consists of portions from 1st and 10th streets between D and H street.
During the workshop itself, participants were given several options of what they would like to see done to the area and voted via an electronic device.
Among the options given included open and covered sidewalks, perpendicular signs, various modes of seating arrangements.
Later in the workshop, ideas were gathered for suggested changes to the area, including the removal of a dilapidated theatre on the Plaza, closing downtown to through traffic and breezeways to make access to rear parking available.
The expense for the project was paid for by a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) for $142,400.