A Latin Invasion is About to Rock The Imperial Valley

By Mario Conde

A Latin Invasion is about to rock the Imperial Valley as LSA will perform in El Centro next week for the first time ever.

The Latin Supremo All-Stars will perform for the first time in the Imperial Valley this February 19th delivering Latin hip-hop, cumbia,  R&B, salsa and a lot of energy at their concert.

“I like to describe LSA music as “Hip-POP with a Latin influences”.  Imagine the Black Eye Peas with Carlos Santana and Ozomatli all in one band. We want our live performances to have just as much energy as those artists. My motivation for the album and LSA in general wanted to put out really good and energetic music for people all over the world. Mixing the lyrics with English and Spanish would enable us to get our music out on an international level. This would have something with flavor for la raza and everybody from different backgrounds to connect to.” Said group leader and creator, Geoff Antonio.

LSA performed last month at the Los Angeles House of Blues with all sellout crowds watching them perform. The group will be going to Puerto Rico this March as part of the Latin Billboard Conference to perform and look to start relationships with record labels. They are one of only five groups selected to play at the showcase.

“All the power players in the Latin music industry will be there. This will help be an introduction for us to the industry to let them know we are here and ready to get into the game. Well be there for about a week and will probably perform some additional dates outside of the conference. Puerto Rico has a strong influence on Latin Urban music. We would like to go there to not only spread our music on the island, but to also show that people from Cali can bring it on a big level in Latin Urban music too. I think if we can influence Puerto Rico that will spill back over into the states in places like New York and Miami. This would make a lot more potential fans aware of us and possibly begin a music relationship with them that will last for a long time.” Geoff said.

Calexico resident Sarah Tirado is part of LSA and will perform for the first time in the Imperial Valley. Tirado is a Calexico High School graduate Class of 1998 and has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Cal State Fullerton. Tirado has also pursued a career in the entertainment industry by participating in theater, signing, and acting. Tirado’s motivation to be successful in this endeavor is to support her family and in the future give back to Calexico by creating opportunities and programs for the youth.

“I think Sky is the limit with LSA.” Tirado said, “we are a very close group and were always pushing a motivating each other to do better. I hope that in five years we can be on tour and making money. As long we are together as a band we are happy”

Tirado auditioned for the lead singer role and was accepted to the group thanks to her solid background and talent. “Its been a real pleasure working with Sarah. I met her through an ad I put out online looking for a female vocalist for LSA. I auditioned around 30 vocalists. It came down to her and two other singers. I ultimately chose Sarah because she could not only sing, but she had business smarts as well. I needed somebody who had the full package and she has it. She has a very sweet voice that is real innocent and young sounding. She can also dance very well, which is something I wanted. When you come to an LSA show you’re going to be entertained fully…dancing, music, full band, three vocalists….all coming at you at one time.” Geoff said.

LSA will perform Friday, Feb. 19th at Puerto Nuevo in El Centro; tickets at the door cost $7 and the concert will start at 9pm.