U.S. Border Patrol seizes 1,150 pounds of Marijuana

OCOTILLO, Calif. — On Saturday night, at approximately 6:30 p.m., El Centro Station Border Patrol agents were patrolling the mountainous desert region in the vicinity of Ocotillo, Calif. when they encountered an abandoned maroon pick-up truck loaded with approximately 1,150 pounds of marijuana.

El Centro Station agents also found evidence for a group of individuals returning to Mexico from the abandoned vehicle.  The vehicle contained 99 individually packaged bundles of marijuana with an estimated value of more than $925,000.  The marijuana and the vehicle were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Supes Vote To Support County Enterprise Zone

By Mario Conde

The Imperial County Board of Supervisors gave their support to create a valley-wide County Enterprise Zone.

Supervisors heard Tuesday the option given to the JPA County Enterprise Zone about applying for a new valley-wide Enterprise Zone designation as recommended by the State Chairman of the Enterprise Zones in a recent visit to the County. If this plan moves forward, this new designation would cover the current Enterprise Zones in Calexico and Brawley and at the same time expand the zone to cover most, if not all cities including Heber and other unincorporated areas.

Immigration Reform 2010 at SDSU-Imperial Valley Campus

Historic firsts have taken place at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Campus, in the streets of Calexico and Mexciali and at Terrace Park Cemetery in Holtville.  Sponsored by the Imperial Valley Campus Committee on Diversity and Equity, an emotion-filled cultural event coupled with a public forum on “Immigration Reform in 2010” took place in the campus art gallery on Thursday night.  The cultural event included performances by noted celebrities such as Chicana writer Josefina López, Mexican rock musician Iván González and Francisco Herrera, a native son of Calexico and a member of the San Francisco-based musical group Posadas sin Fronteras.  The public forum featured speakers from both sides of the US-Mexico border, including Enrique Morones, winner of Mexico’s 2009 national prize for human rights and organizer of Migrant March V, a movement advocating comprehensive immigration reform in 2010.  Thursday night’s event was followed this morning by a demonstration on both sides of the fence between Calexico and Mexicali.  More than 150 people physically divided yet spiritually united, sang and chanted their demand for a world without borders.  The day ended with a caravan to Terrace Park Cemetery in Holtville, where the unmarked graves of more than 600 migrant workers who have died attempting to cross the US-Mexico border were commemorated.  The caravan then departed for San Diego, where it will end tomorrow in that city’s Chicano Park with a final rally and demonstration.  For more information, contact event coordinators Rogelio Reyes (mailto:rreyes@mail.sdsu.edu, tel. 760 768 5532), Benjamín Acevedo (mailto:acevedo_benjamin@yahoo.com) or Ricardo López (tel. 760 357 7266).

Prominent Speakers Lined Up for the Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit & Expo

Assemblyman Manuel Perez , CPUC President Michael Peevey

and Mid-American’s Jonathan Weisgall are Confirmed

El Centro, CA – The Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation, host of the Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit, today announced the keynote speakers.  Now in its third year, the much-anticipated event will be held March 16-18, 2010, at the Quechan Casino & Resort in eastern Imperial Valley.