Three Arrested In Brawley On Stolen Property Charges

Chris Furguson
Three young men were arrested in Brawley for possession of stolen property and resisting a peace officer after a vehicle check in the city on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.
The suspects, Brian Perez, 19, Jorge Ibarra, 18, and Jose Saldana, 18, all of El Centro, were caught after a vehicle check  in an alley north of the 1000 block of Main Street, said Cmdr. Brett Houser
The vehicle, a Kia Spectra, had been reported stolen from El Centro earlier that day.
A vehicle check at around 8 pm discovered the vehicle was stolen and the three suspects ran on foot in different directions.
When additional units were brought in for the search, all three were captured at different locations and brought to ICJ.
Also on January 12th, Brawley officers responded to a possible burglary in-progress on the 1300 block of I Street, said Houser.
When officers arrived, they found the suspect, Johnny Rubio, 39 of Brawley, inside a storage structure on the facility.
Rubio was taken into custody without incident and sent to ICJ on charges of burglary, said Houser in a statement to the press.

Three suspects were arrested in Brawley on charges of resisting a peace officer and possession of stolen property.  They are Brian Perez, Jorge Ibarra and Jose Saldana, all of El Centro. Photos courtesy of the Brawley Police Department