The Sheriff is in Town

Sheriffs Officially Take Over Holtville Law Enforcement Services

By Jim Predmore

On Tuesday January 5th Sheriff Raymond Loera commented on the transition of law enforcement in Holtville to the Sheriff’s Department. “Officially we took over law enforcement services of Holtville yesterday and for those of you interested, Sergeant Erro, Deputy Johnson and Deputy Quezada will be available for autographs after the ceremony and they will provide photos for the newspapers, I understand.

But unofficially we have been in the city of Holtville for about four years. The decision to contract with the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office for these services was made easier for the community because during this time they were able to see the dedication and professionalism that our agency could provide.

I would like to thank all of those involved to help make this a smooth transition: Sergeant Sheppard, Chief Gutierrez, Sergeant Watson, Sergeant Erro, Deputy Ramirez and Deputy Benavidez. Their efforts and professionalism have shown the people of Holtville they are getting the best.”