Supervisor Louis Fuentes Takes Over as Chairman

By Mario Conde

The County Board of supervisors voted Tuesday to approve the study for maintenance, replacement, and Construction of the Country Club Sewer Maintenance District’s Public Sewer Pump Station.

Supervisors, acting as the Country Club Sewer Maintenance District that covers the residential area of Barbara Worth Country Club in Holtville, approved the study made by Dynamic Engineers and approved the start of the process to revise the free schedule in accordance to the rate study, as requested by Public Works director, William Brunet.

The County Public works director informed that the area is in much needed capital repairs and studies say that it was reached its capacity and near failure. The Public works director said that department of public works has secured a non-competitive State revolving fund loan fund loan to cover the cost of sewer system improvement. Several residents of that area were present at the County Chambers to ask the board more information about the new rate fee.

The board did not take action in on the new rates since the people that live in that district will have to vote on proposition 128 that will decide their rate fee. Supervisors Wally Leimgruber and Supervisor Louis Fuentes will be part of an ad hoc committee that will be meeting with residents before the final action is taken.

In other news, the board approved a letter to be sent to National Association of Home Builders against the possible revocation of the Desert Chapter of the Building Industry Association. Supervisor Gary Wyatt said even when the County is not a member of the BIA but had long and successful relationship with the Chapter, most recently by establishing new air pollution rules for industry.

“They have a strong and involved membership, a solid financial position, and a great reputation amongst local government authorities.” Wyatt said in the letter.

New Chairman

Supervisor Louis Fuentes was elected by his fellow board members to be the new Chairman of the County board of Supervisors for this year. Supervisor Jack Terrazas was elected as vice-chairman of the board. Chairman Fuentes thanked the board for trusting him to become the chairman and asked for all of their support to make the right decisions for the good of the County in the years to come.