Prop. 8 Trial Could Determine If A Majority Vote is Valid in California

To The Editor:
California voters have voted twice against same sex marriage and now find their vote being challenged in California Courts in San Francisco.
The trial began today in the same region of California that ruled against the voters in 2008. The trial is slated as a turning point in the battle over marriage in the United States.
But one has to ask if the “People” have voted and their vote came to a majority how can their vote just be thrown out by Judges?  Then WHY DO WE VOTE?  Are “WE THE PEOPLE,” STILL THE GOVERNMENT in the United States or is it the Judges?
It will be an interesting next three weeks as we watch our role in government slip away from the people and into the hands of the courts.
Last December The Imperial County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to intervene. Board Chairman Wally Leimgruber said there were many reasons for the intervention. One was to protect the local voter’s decision to ban same sex marriage that passed by a 72% vote in 2008. The intent was to become a defendant in the federal case. The petition was filed, but District Judge Vaughn Walker has yet to announce his decision on the petition.
The litigation seeks to over turn the 2008 vote, saying the ballot measure, Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. The trial is expected to last 3-4 weeks. Whatever the decision by Judge Walker, it is expected to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Jim Predmore

I learned this in elementary school. The constitution was created to protect the rights of people. Thomas Jefferson was afraid of the majority so he created a three-tiered REPUBLIC. Therefore, the Judicial branch is there to check the people. It has always been like this. It is now. And it… Read more »

It’s a civil rights issue and you don’t get to vote on civil rights issues! Plain and simple.

See, the people created a constitution and a judiciary to insure that all laws are in conformance with the constitution. The constitution, among other things, says you can’t give rights and perks to one group of people while denying them to another. Perhaps you should go back to grade school… Read more »
Tom Gun

As usual, Jim Predmore spews hatred.


We have a constituion that can not be over ruled by a majority vote, otherwise all of our rights would be at the whim of any particular vote. Women’s right to vote could be taken away, blacks could lose the right to marry etc etc.