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It’s Business Showcase Time: Valley Cities Could Use A little Facelift

HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH ANOTHER BUSINESS SHOWCASE. That’s today, if you haven’t heard about it.
It’s at the Fairgrounds in the Preble Building once again, but we’re not sure of the size of the turnout we will have for it.
There’s enough gloom and doom prognosticators around to keep some folks home. We hope instead they will get out and see what Imperial Valley has to offer, which is a considerable amount of goods and services.
Just take us. We’ll be showing off today everything new and modern about our newspapers. That includes our website that is getting more popular by the day. Just a couple of weeks ago we were averaging 1500 hits a day. Now we’re up to 2900.
If you’re an advertiser it’s a good way to get your message out to the public. If you’re a reader it’s a good way to keep up with breaking news.
You can also get that news in some cases in the pages of the newspaper too. We offer a variety of ways to keep you informed.
We’ll be passing out newspapers and other goodies at the Business Showcase once again to get the message out that you have an alternative to other print media right here in Imperial Valley.
Sorry Brian Williams, but we’re still in business and plan to stay that way.
Enjoy the show, pick up a lot of the goodies that will be available stop by our booth and remember to use the products and services right here in your hometown. The job you save, may be your own.
HOLTVILLE’S CARROT FESTIVAL IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER -or right next door to us, if you want information from the Chamber of Commerce. That’s because they always occupy the booth next to ours and are ready, willing and able to sell you the merits of this fine festival and our small town on the edge of the big city.
WE’VE BEEN LOOKING AT CALEXICO LATELY. Which which will be changing its main drag once the new Port Of Entry planned for the downtown area gets opened. You’ll be driving more Cesar Chavez Blvd. sometime during the next decade, with the current POE being used for trucks and buses only.
All you folk out there looking for an investment opportunity should look along Cesar Chavez Blvd., or so the powers that be tell me, because that’s where the traffic is going to be flowing – and the cash. But I wouldn’t hold your breathe. The government was talking about having this facility open by 2011 and they are still talking about it.
There are plenty of opportunities in this City by the Border, but like every place else you  have to look for them.
One thing we have noticed about Calexico and other cities is that landlords are reluctant lower their rent to fill up empty space, because they think they can get the same prices they were getting before the economy went bust. Sorry, but the demand just isn’t there. And if you want income instead of expense you have  to lower your prices somewhat.
We’ve seen buildings that have sat empty for years because of this. Most of them have ownership in places other than Imperial Valley. We’re not sure what their interest is, but I haven’t met a businessman yet who wouldn’t rather have money coming in than none at all.
Longstanding empty buildings only add to an eyesore that won’t go away. Calexico has one right in the middle of some popular discount houses on its north side. The old Peso Market is a disgrace to the city, not a showcase. The city needs to take some action on this place. It pollutes one of the most highly developed areas in Calexico and detracts from local investors’ businesses.
Clean i up and then maybe the city will have something better to showcase at the next event in a year. We’ll check on the progress for you.
The Carrot Capital is introduced its officers to the public at this week’s City Council meeting .
It’s a new concept in policing to this part of Valley, but not new to the state. Lots of other cities contract for police protection.
The proof of the pudding will be how good the service is . Holtville is gambling a lot. it will cost them almost $1 million a year to have the Sheriff in charge. And the city will be building a new public safety building sometime in the near future. That’s another $3 million or so.
What the city is supposed to get is increased police protection and more support services for evidence processing, supervision and  apprehension.
The city will also find out if Sheriff’s protection is enough to satisfy homebuilders who want to put developments here. Should Holtville ever get around to that, the Sheriff’s duties here will increase once again.
By the time the housing shows up, there’s supposed to be a new airport out here, new commercial businesses, plenty of free Bubble Up  and some clams to boot. this will undoubtedly be the promised land.
Enjoy the Business Showcase. The future is looking bright in the Valley and you can help it along with your local support.