In Other Words

A Look back At Some Columns From a Year Ago And Events Now

WE TAKE A LOOK AT some of our columns from the beginning of 2009 and where we are now with those issue.
January 15, 2009 – HOLTVILLE IS BACK TO TRYING TO GET THE SHERIFF to take over its police department.
The majority of voters said they wanted their own police department, but not enough of them said it in a vote to get a two-thirds majority.
As a result, the city may be looking at County police protection.
The plan I saw  in ideal form would put five deputies in Holtville, who would work out of this city’s public safety department. And the city would turn over its police equipment to the county. The county would also handle dispatch duties, something currently being done of Calexico.
I guess we will have to take what we get over here, as the city moves to a minor league status in Valley affairs.
The county talks, we listen.
We’ll miss the interaction with the police officers who used to live and work in Holtville. Some of them have even retired here. That police involvement with everyone is one reason people felt safe here. They knew who would be responding to a call.
These days the police live all over the Valley, which means they have  no particular loyalty to  this community over any other.
As long as they  get the job done and the bad guys are kept in line, I suppose its OK. But it is a far cry from the good old days when everyone knew the cops and the crooks equally.
The Sheriff’s Department took over policing Holtville officially Jan. 4, 2009.
WE WOULD BE REMISS if we did not thank the Holtville police officers who stayed on the job, despite the threat of losing it, to the end of their contract.
We also want to thank them for the good job they did keeping our city safe from criminals. They deserved a letter reward, but the status of law enforcement means they shouldn’t have much trouble finding other jobs.
To those officers who were on the job while we have been in Imperial Valley we say THANK YOU! For a job well done.
Jan. 23, 2009 – WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE HOLTVILLE Chamber of Commerce?
They used to have a party of some kind every month. Those would appear to have gone by the wayside. When was the last time the chamber  had a mixer for a local business?
They  are also supposed to be in the forefront of promoting the city to the outside world, but have stopped doing that too, relying only on a an outdated marquee for its  advertising  promotion methods.
This body is getting as moribund as the city.
Are there any fresh voices and faces out there who can liven this place up?
And what happened to the  new electronic marquee? Some folks say it is bogged down in red tape with Cal Trans. We say it is probably bogged down in the usual nonsense that happens in Holtville. Somebody should get going on  this or give an explanation to the public as to what has happened. One is certainly owed.
SOMEBODY GOT GOING ON THE marquee and Chamber of commerce mixers too.  The marquee was officially put into effect in November and has been blinking messages ever since.
They had some parties during the year too.
Feb. 19, 2009 – The TV pundits are telling us that newspapers are going to fade from the scene because people are using the internet more to get their news. To this, we politely say bunk.
Maybe some big city dailies need to trim some fat. But we on the low end of the scale have found business to be quite normal and actually booming in some areas– such as legal notices.
We were looking at ads on television that featured dot com addresses, but if you want a specific product you are going to have to locate the address for that product somewhere. Probably from another ad located either in print or electronics.
Electronic ads don’t have much shelf life, especially on TV. They’ll be around for about 30 seconds and then they disappear for up to 24 hours or more. An advertiser may buy multiple spots, but you have to search the airwaves for a specific product.
Isn’t it much easier to turn to the pages of your local newspaper and find what you are looking for at your leisure? Of course it is.
That’s why newspapers and the printed word will be around for a long, long time.
You can put electronic media to work for you, but unless you have a gigantic budget  and an international market, the local market is still going to be your best.
Newspapers may have to change to reflect the times, but they are still going to be needed. Remember, you heard it here first.
We’ve had several advertisers who have dropped their print media ads, stating the market is “too small,” or “the ads don’t work.”
Everytime we have heard this, the company making that claim has gone out of business within a few months after years of prosperity.  Let’s see. Advertise and have prosperity. Don’t advertise and go out of business. So, what’s working and what isn’t?
The I.V. Weekly-Chronicle and Tribune have joined in the internet revolution with an expanded website and listings on Facebook and You Tube. We even have two full time employees working on the ‘net and gathering news for it.
But it’s s till the newspapers that pay the bills for us.
Happy New Year!