In Other Words

Showcase And Other Thoughts

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of a major allergy attack, then you don’t know the meaning of sick. Who-eee!
If all started with the Business Showcase at the Imperial Valley Fairgrounds. That breezy afternoon air turned cold and I was too busy to notice it.
A few hours of standing in a draft with dust blowing all over you, though, did me in.
Head stuffed sinuses plugged. Lungs infected. You name it,  I had it. So I got two days of laying around my apartment taking antibiotics, antihistamine and anti-anything that would make me feel better.
But it took about three days for me to get my system back to a manageable level. Dust, wind and me don’t mix very well, especially in this dry climate of the southwest.
Don’t get me wrong. I love the desert southwest with its wild west culture and mixture of populations. The food alone is worth the agony.
But, perhaps we should post warning signs at the edge of the Valley saying, “Enter At Your Own Risk of Sinus Infection. “
It’s great for Kleenex sale as well as other facial tissues. I must have gone through about 600 or so of those little white pieces of soft paper that make your nose feel temporarily better. So there is an economic benefit to the wind. But, doggone it, it sure does slow a fellow down. Next time we’ll lay in an extra supply.
WE ATTENDED A PRESS CONFERENCE IN CALEXICO on the aid to Haiti and using the Red Cross to deliver it. What they need is cash. They have plenty of supplies, but money will go the farthest  to get what is needed to help these devastated people.
The gap between have and have nots is growing wider in the world once again. All these fancy committees that meet occasionally to discuss financing for the world, need to take a closer look at the poor places. These are where revolutions begin.
When ignorance, want and hunger come together you are left with an unstoppable desire to get out. If someone can bring together economic justice, then some of that anger and tension will be released. The world needs to pay attention to this now and every year. Not  just when a major natural disaster occurs.
On that gloomy note, we  turn our attention to this year’s Business Showcase.
I love taking in this event because I get to see a lot of people I don’t get to see during year. People I may have lost contact with. And people who want to know more about our newspapers.
We were flattered several times by people who came up to us and “Keep up the good work. Keep your independence. We need to hang on to our independent newspaper. All I can say is Amen, brothers and sisters.
Despite what the networks would have you believe or some teenager with horned rimmed glasses, newspapers aren’t going away. Some of them just need to find some new ways to do business. That’s what free enterprise is all about. Having the right to choose how you operate your business. Socialism begins with some giant corporations telling everyone how to live and how to do their jobs. Then it spreads to governments and on up the line.
We’ll do our best to keep the flame alive for all you folks out there who like having an independent press. That’s something you will never get from NBC News. I think we said that someplace else before.
Meanwhile the Business Showcase was full of people wanting a bright future. but the crowds were considerably smaller than in the past and the amount of giveaways was also on the small side. Both signs of slow times. Well, it was still a good place to promote your business. And we’ll be back again next year. We  hope the economy will have improved by then.