Sheriff’s Office Has a Heart for Community

The Holtville station of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department is making a great effort to become a vital part of the community of Holtville.  On Wednesday, Sgt. Erro and his deputies pulled out all the stops to make a wonderful presentation to the children at Miss Betty’s Preschool.  The children were welcomed by the staff and Deputy Benavidez took them on a tour of the building to give them an idea of how the office operates.

They were then escorted to the parking lot where there was a great deal of excitement.  Sgt. Erro and Deputies Ramirez, Benavidez, Quesada, and Madad had several patrol cars for the children to explore and a few trucks as well.  The K-9 unit was a great hit, as were the lights and sirens.  Definitely the most popular vehicle on display was the offroad buggy that is used for search and rescue.  Every child was given the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of that buggy, and there were smiles all around.

Sgt. Erro concluded the tour by having the Crime Prevention unit come in to fingerprint and ID each child, which they were able to take home to their parents.  Before leaving, they were all given Sheriff’s badges of their own, which were worn proudly for the rest of the day.

Miss Betty and all the parents of Miss Betty’s Preschool would like to thank Sgt. Erro and the crew for taking time to create such a wonderful experience for the children.  It was a morning they will not forget and will be talking about for quite some time.


2 Responses to Holtville Sheriff’s Have Some Special Visitors

  1. Lani R. says:

    Deputy Quezada is the best! I’m just know he was great with the preschool kids!

  2. Lani R. says:

    Deputy Quezada is the best! I’m sure he was great with the preschool kids!

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