SAN DIEGO — One person is dead, another is in critical condition, and 14 others are in custody following a failed attempt to illegally enter the United States by boat at a San Diego beach this morning.

At about 4:30 a.m., law enforcement authorities spotted a 30-foot panga in distress in the surf just off of Torrey Pines State Beach. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter on routine patrol in the area diverted when it spotted the boat, people in the water, and people scattering into the nearby brush, while the San Diego Police Department responded on land after hearing cries for help from the beach.
Federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities responded to the scene, including CBP’s Office of Air and Marine and Border Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, San Diego Fire and Rescue, State Parks Service, San Diego Lifeguards, and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, to help those in trouble, to search the nearby area for others from the boat, and to close the area to the public. Authorities estimate approximately 100 law enforcement officers assisted.
Responding personnel pulled several people from the water, and provided emergency medical assistance on the beach to two people. One remains in critical condition at a local hospital; the other died en route. An additional four people were transported to area hospitals this morning; three have been released at this time.
For several hours after the event, U.S. Border Patrol agents, a CBP helicopter crew, and several state and local law enforcement groups searched nearby Torrey Pines State Park for other passengers from the vessel. The search, which led to another ten people taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol, closed the park for the first half of the day.
All 16 of the persons discovered from the vessel are Mexican nationals entering the United States illegally.
An exact number of persons originally on the vessel is unknown; while authorities found 29 life jackets at the scene, many looked as though they were extras and had not been worn.
The U.S. Coast Guard continued search and rescue operations in the area throughout the day and night, and will continue searching into tomorrow.
CBP Marine Interdiction Agents took custody of the panga, a typical fiberglass Mexican fishing vessel. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is investigating the incident for possible prosecutions. ICE agents would like to talk to anyone who witnessed this morning’s fatal smuggling incident.  Anyone with specific information is asked to call 1-866-347-2432 and leave their contact information; an ICE agent in San Diego will call and respond.

“This is the worst situation when you spot a suspicious boat on the water before dawn:   the boat in distress, people in the water, and others from the vessel scattering rather than providing any assistance or calling for help,” said John Murphy, director of Air Operations for CBP in San Diego. “This attempt today turned deadly and is a timely wake-up call – you put your life in grave danger when you trust a smuggler to provide for your safety. The united effort today by all of the law enforcement officers involved saved lives.”


8 Responses to Deadly Illegal Immigration Attempt at Torrey Pines Beach

  1. Mari says:

    You guys should all get together and have some tea with your noses raised above other human beings. Feel better, you racist scum bags. . . these are PEOPLE we’re talking about!
    a) they’re not here free- they do pay tax with EVERYTHING they buy…
    b) They’re actually helping the economy- in fact, they’re the economy’s best friend!
    c) Do you like the vegetables you eat? stop eating fruits and veggies if u hate immigrants- since the majority of these crops are picked by them. Hypocrites!
    d) Maybe the real problem would be America interfering in Mexican politics- look at how low Mexico is selling their oil (reason why??? because they got cornered into a hole by super powers! The were forced into signing an unfair treaty. ), their corn sells for more than American corn and can no longer compete in this market. Maybe we should help a brother out, and helping THEIR economy will open more jobs for them, and therefore, less immigrants will come into the U.S.
    e) These people aren’t coming in because they love u racist assholes, they’re here because they were starving back home. What would u do if ur family was starving?
    f) I don’t know why I even wasted my time writing this- it won’t even penetrate ur thick-headed Neanderthal skull . Losers..

  2. woriedAMERICANcitizen says:

    thank u border patrols,police officers,marines,army,coast gaurds,fire @rescue,lifegaurds,and all who helped and captured all these ILLEGAL ALIENS!! THANK U ALL! it is way to many illegals here in AMERICA and we ALL need to get together and STOP this!! they are here in AMERICA,raping,killing,molesting,commitng all sorts of crime and some do get a way with it.they are taking our jobs! every single day i see them stand in front of LOWES store in federal way,and LOWES in seattle on rainier ave!! about 20 of them. PLEASE STOP ILLEGAL ALIENS comming into our beautiful AMERICAN LAND!!!! THANK U ALL for catching them illegal immigrants!!

  3. Delaware Bob says:

    What is it with these illegal aliens that they keep subbing their nose at our laws? Who do these people think they are? Yes, Who? Maybe our laws should be a little stronger. Enter this Country illegally, 5 years in jail, nothing more, nothing less.

    Illegal aliens are destroying this Country, and one would have to be near blind not to see this.

    Illegal aliens have made America the dumping ground for all their illegal alien children, then we have to school them and give them free medical care.

    I for one, am sick and tired of these ILLEGAL ALIENS snubbing their nose at our immigration laws and the many other laws of this Country. If our Federal Government can not ENFORCE our immigration laws, and get these ILLEGAL ALIENS out of this Country, then let the States do it! One way or another, an end has to come to this illegal immigration, and not with AMNESTY! Amnesty will only encourage more ILLEGAL ALIENS to invade our Country and reward those who broke our laws and raped the American taxpayer in many ways…depressing our wages, taking our jobs, overwhelming our schools with their ILLEGAL ALIEN children, driving without a license or car insurance, all the crime from stolen identities to rape, drugs and everything else.

    It’s time for ZERO TOLERENCE with these ILLEGAL ALIENS. It’s time for them get out of this Country and back in their own Country where they belong. When we get rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS, we will get rid of all the problems that go with them. THAT IS A FACT!

  4. Maggieggie says:

    How about we slow down the flow of third world country social welfare non-citizens and get some people in here that would value the opportunities to contribut to this country. Our balance of the percentage of how many people don’t pay a dime in federal income tax VS those that pay too much to take care of them is getting out of hand. Quit having kids you can’t take care of. It shouldn’t be society’s responsibility to see to it that people have a large family. I don’t think the Obamaites have read that into the Constitution as a civil right yet have they?

  5. Maggie says:

    For those who live through the risks of getting here it’s a bonanza. Free everything and incompetent government ensures they likely won’t ever be bothered and greedy businessmen will hire them without a thought. Next sign the kids up, have a few more that can be called citizens, go to the er for any health issues, it’s free after all, and hey you got some happy campers, not to mention a tax free income under the table. I’m glad my Grandparents are not here to see this. They would never recognize their country anymore.

  6. kevin says:

    pass comprehensive immigration reform..close the border and give penalties to people who hire undocumented laber .pproblem solved

  7. Anonymous says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sterling Hall, Twit San Diego. Twit San Diego said: Deadly Illegal Immigration Attempt at Torrey Pines Beach – Imperial Valley Weekly: Imperial Valley WeeklyDeadly Il… […]

  8. Ed Weirdness says:

    It truly is time we started to take border security and immigration enforcement more seriously. DHS Secretary Napolitano should be removed for her incompetence and negligence, and we must include local and state law enforcement in our efforts. Allowing local law enforcement to detain ‘illegal aliens’ they encounter during the course of their normal duties would send an appropriate message to prospective illegals, and would serve as a force multiplier for our already overburdened BP personnel. Like it or not folks, overpopulation, congestion, urban sprawl, crumbling infrastructure, diminishing resources, vanishing farm land and green space, overcrowded schools and hospitals, crime, pollution, energy and water shortages, depressed wages, increased tax burdens, the balkanization of our communities, the marginalization of American workers, taxpayers and voters, the overall decline in quality of life, are all the result of unconstrained immigration. Too many people competing for the same limited resources is not sane, sustainable social, economic or environmental policy!

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