Congressman Filner Urges Toyota to Improve Push-To-Start Feature on Lexus Vehicles!

Recently, Congressman Filner contacted Christopher Tinto, Vice President for Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Safety for Toyota Motor Company regarding concerns stemming from Push-to-Start buttons on Lexus vehicles.   In an emergency, these Push-to-Start buttons may also be used as Push-to-Stop buttons; however, many consumers are not aware of this feature. This has resulted in accidents and fatalities when drivers are unable to turn off their vehicle.   “While this may be a convenient feature, these Push-to-Start buttons are causing accidents and deaths,” said Congressman Filner. “We must put security before convenience and ensure that these vehicles are safe for Americans to drive.”   Congressman Filner’s letter (enclosed) asked Mr. Tinto what Toyota’s plans are to correct this dangerous error.


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