Calexico to Donate $5,000 to Haiti

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council approved a humanitarian donation for Haiti relief efforts to support earthquake victims.

Haiti suffered a 7.0 earthquake last week that destroyed most of the country. It is estimated that there are 200,000 dead because of this earthquake and the number of deaths could go up soon. Because of the lack of infrastructure of the country most of the humanitarian donations for Haiti have not been able arrive. The Haiti government lost control of the national security since their presidential palace was destroyed even when the president and his family survive the earthquake. The City of Calexico held a press conference last week to announce that the City will donate $5,000 to Haiti and invited the residents to join the efforts to help.

Calexico resident Vincent Cuevas questioned the council saying that they have violated the Brown Act by putting this resolution on the agenda and questioned as to why they were giving away city’s money when Calexico is in the red.

The Council voted unanimously approved the $5,000 to Haiti. City Manager Victor Carrillo said that there will be no impact to the city’s finances since all the money was donated by several parties. Carrillo said that since the City could not send firefighters it was easy for them to collect money for Haiti.

Mayor David Ouzan said Calexico would do the same thing for any other county that needed help. Sylvia Preciado from the Red Cross thanked the council for being the first City in the Imperial Valley support Haiti.