Calexico Councilman Daniel Romero Responds to Some Allegations

By Mario Conde

Calexico Councilman Daniel Romero responds to some allegations that were made against him by local police officer.

A couple of weeks ago Councilman Romero was accused on the Calecia website  by a police officer who identifies himself as “Gyphon1” of going to the Police Chief after being cited during the holiday season. After speaking with his fellow council members, the blogger wrote, it was given direction to police officers not to cite Calexico City Council members because of this incident.

Romero spoke about the situation at Tuesday’s meeting saying that he was in fact cited but denied asking political favors to the Chief or the Council.

“Those that know me well are aware that I would never ask for political favors to skip something like this.” Romero said.

Romero denied talking to the Council about this and agreeing to tell the Chief to exempt council members from the vehicle code. Romero apologized to the Council for being dragged into this situation. Romero is expected to go to court next month.

City Manager Victor Carrillo said no one is above the law and said that if situations like this are real they will take appropriate disciplinary action.

“If the scenario made by the police officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, is true any officer or employee of Calexico that engages in any conduct of malfeasance on duty appropriate disciplinary action will be taken based on the severity of their involvement.” Carrillo said.

“If any Councilmember or City administrator attempts to receive special treatment because of their position, their inappropriate action will be taken care of.” Carrillo said and continued. “No one is above the law and all Council members and employees when they took office or were hired. If we need to remind them again, we will.”

Loli Torres
This like the previous reader said, a lot of bs. Mr. Romero would not do this . Anyone that knows Mr. Romero,knows that he would not ask for any such favortism. And another thing, the Police Chief would not allow it either . Please do attend the city council meetings… Read more »
Lord Thundercock

“Gryphon1” – sounds like a phucking liar and a shiiit-disturber.
It’s people like that that need to be hosed – repeatedly. (use your own interpretation of “hosed”).
I’ve known Daniel since 1973 – not too many more upstanding men around.
This pack of BS is way out of charachter.