Calexico City Council to Contract With Dynamics Consulting Engineers

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council approved a contract with Dynamics Consulting Engineers to provide engineering consultant services for completion of the survey and design of the EDA grant off-site improvements.

With the approval of this agreement the City of Calexico will meet the deadline required by the EDA for the beginning of construction of the subject project by September 10, 2010 and provide infrastructure improvements encourage development of vacant parcels in the project area. This, the RDA believes, will stimulate vertical construction buildings, hiring opportunities, increase property taxes to the city and tax increment to the agency.

The City of Calexico received a $3 million dollar EDA grant from the United States Treasury which has been sign and accepted. The engineering design and bidding of the project must be completed by August 2010 and the City has two years for the completion of the infrastructure improvements that must be finished no later than August 2012.

The City submitted an application to get EDA money in 2007 to fund infrastructure improvements to assist in the creation of new jobs for proposed area of Town Center Plaza, Portico Industrial Park, and the Kloke Tract.

The total estimated cost of improvements to be constructed is estimated to be $6,000,000. There will be no fiscal impact to the General Fund since Measure D funds will be used to pay for subject contract. The Contract amount is $162,320.

In other items, the council approved amending the “removal” of City commissionaires. With this amendment the Mayor will now have the authority to recommend the removal of city commissionaires but it will have to go to Council for a vote. Previously, the Council person that appointed a person to board or commission was the one that removed them as well.

The Council also decided to continue the public hearing that would officially rescind the Mega Park project. The developers requested the City to delay the public hearing until February 2nd, 2010.