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Rib Cook Off January 30th

The Rib Cook-Off is a cooking competition in which 100% of the proceeds
go to benefiting local valley sports and other non-profit clubs. It is a family fun event featuring the Blue Angles, bands, Dancing contests, pie contest, kettle corn, Old-Fashond Ice Cream,lemonade, soft Drinks, many many side dishes, Activities for the kids, and of coarse Ribs! it starts at 10:00am and goes UNTIL ALL THE RIBS ARE GONE ! We will see you there!

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Counterfeit Alli Weight Loss Drug Dangerous

alli comparison

Do you remember hearing about the FDA granting approval to Alli, the weight loss drug? I remember seeing tons and tons of commercials and so many people were excited because there was finally a http://answers.usa.gov/cgi-bin/gsa_ict.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=6855&p_created=1129217868&p_sid=2-2LapSj&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX3Jvd19jbnQ9MTI5LDEyOSZwX3Byb2RzPTAmcF9jYXRzPSZwX3B2PSZwX2N2PSZwX3BhZ2U9MSZwX3NlYXJjaF90ZXh0PXdlaWdodCBsb3Nz&p_li=&p_topview=1 drug that had federal approval.

But earlier this week the FDA warned people that a http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm197857.htm was out there and that it could be really dangerous.

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$62 Million Scheme That Targeted Spanish Speaking Investors

Con Man Found Guilty of Operating $62 Million Ponzi Scheme That Targeted Spanish-Speaking Investors

LOS ANGELES—A Huntington Park man who preyed on Spanish-speaking investors with promises of hefty returns in the real estate bubble has been found guilty of federal charges for bilking more than 2,000 victims out of more than $62 million. Milton Retana, 46, was convicted yesterday by a federal jury of six counts of mail fraud and one count of making false statements to government agents who were investigating the case.

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Imperial Valley Solar 2 SunCatcher Power System Unveiled

SunCatcher power system unveiled at solar test facility

Beginning in 2010, Tessera Solar will break ground on two of the world’s largest solar plants – both in California. And, before the end of 2010, will be producing grid-quality solar power, and based on the unique modular design of the SunCatcher™, continue to add daily, over the next several years, to the production of new solar power to the grid. Working with San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, our Imperial Valley project and our Calico project will produce up to a combined 1,750MW of clean, renewable energy. Both projects will include up to 70,000 SunCatcher™ units…Solar energy at a scale the world has never seen.

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Due to a severe weather alert from the National Weather Service,  and the possibility of thunder, lightning, and flooding  tomorrow,  there is a slight possibility that Holtville Schools will be closed tomorrow. Please make a plan for your children in the event this occurs. If we do decide to close the schools, we will post that announcement no later than 6:30AM on the following website:


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