Retirees Polled On 2010 U.S. Economic Outlook:

Better: 32.3%

Worse: 22.9%

No Change: 31.5%

62.6% Say Paying Health Care Costs is Their Biggest Financial Concern

BURLINGAME, Calif.–(–A December 2009 survey of 1,030 Medicare-eligible retirees revealed that 32.3% believe the economy in 2010 will get better, 22.9% believe it will get worse, and 31.5% believe it will stay the same. At the same time, 48.2% rate their personal financial situation as “good” or “excellent,” while 46.5 % say it is “fair.” Just 5.3% say their personal financial situation is “fairly bad” or “terrible.”

Calexico City Council to Contract With Dynamics Consulting Engineers

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council approved a contract with Dynamics Consulting Engineers to provide engineering consultant services for completion of the survey and design of the EDA grant off-site improvements.

With the approval of this agreement the City of Calexico will meet the deadline required by the EDA for the beginning of construction of the subject project by September 10, 2010 and provide infrastructure improvements encourage development of vacant parcels in the project area. This, the RDA believes, will stimulate vertical construction buildings, hiring opportunities, increase property taxes to the city and tax increment to the agency.

Calexico Councilman Daniel Romero Responds to Some Allegations

By Mario Conde

Calexico Councilman Daniel Romero responds to some allegations that were made against him by local police officer.

A couple of weeks ago Councilman Romero was accused on the Calecia website  by a police officer who identifies himself as “Gyphon1” of going to the Police Chief after being cited during the holiday season. After speaking with his fellow council members, the blogger wrote, it was given direction to police officers not to cite Calexico City Council members because of this incident.

Local Emergency Caregivers Depart for Haiti

Local Emergency Caregivers Depart for Haiti to Aid in Earthquake Disaster Relief

San Diego-based International Relief Teams (IRT), an international humanitarian and healthcare nonprofit organization, will deploy its initial emergency medical team to Haiti on Saturday, January 16The team will depart the Commuter Terminal at Lindbergh Field on American Airlines flight #3064 at 8:05 PM to Los Angeles on the first leg of 2 week assignment in Haiti.