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Three Arrested In Brawley On Stolen Property Charges

Chris Furguson
Three young men were arrested in Brawley for possession of stolen property and resisting a peace officer after a vehicle check in the city on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.
The suspects, Brian Perez, 19, Jorge Ibarra, 18, and Jose Saldana, 18, all of El Centro, were caught after a vehicle check  in an alley north of the 1000 block of Main Street, said Cmdr. Brett Houser
The vehicle, a Kia Spectra, had been reported stolen from El Centro earlier that day.
A vehicle check at around 8 pm discovered the vehicle was stolen and the three suspects ran on foot in different directions.
When additional units were brought in for the search, all three were captured at different locations and brought to ICJ.
Also on January 12th, Brawley officers responded to a possible burglary in-progress on the 1300 block of I Street, said Houser.
When officers arrived, they found the suspect, Johnny Rubio, 39 of Brawley, inside a storage structure on the facility.
Rubio was taken into custody without incident and sent to ICJ on charges of burglary, said Houser in a statement to the press.

Ody Caro

Sad…sad condition of our youth. Wishing your locals would do more for the youth. They need positive outlets and re-direction whether we believe it and /or like it or not! It is reality!

Fernie Ayon

Agree Ody!! There is nothing for the kids to do in the Valley.. I remember growing up! I did nothing but stupid things just to keep busy.. I now Promote and Produce bands!! But yet there is NO ALL AGES VENUES for Bands to play.. The kids out there have nothing positive to do.. And what they do have is so minimal.. Kids eventually get bored of going bowling and to the Movies… What else is there??

Xochitl Bielma-Stevens

OMG when i think of the stupid stuff we would do when we got bored…. WOW… But, no one I knew ever turned to this!

Ody Caro

Xochitl you have been fortunate & your friends too for that matter; unfortunately, not too many people can say that. IV has been trying so hard for decades to continue to exist/stay afloat financially & not turn into a Ghost Valley that it has forsaken our youth & focused on building houses–which is great, but along with that you’d think they’d … See Moreinvest money in creating uplifting/positive distractors for our youth.
A family therapy counselor once told me that he receives more referrals for youth-related drug addiction in IV than in SD where he also practices his profession.
More needs to be done & it is in the best interest of ALL involved…

Ody Caro

Thank you Fernie for voicing this grave concern of ours. I, too, managed to get myself into trouble. Fortunately, I was never involved in drugs and/or drinking or other self-destructive activites, but I saw many who did and did eradicate it out their lives successfully. However, I did become another type of statistic–teenage pregnancy–inspite of … See Morebeing taught at home to hope and dream for more. More needs to be done for the youth…It’s been 28 years since the birth of my first born, and 10 since I left the valley, but nothing much has changed. Sadly.

Fernie Ayon

@ Ody.. You know the lack of positive activity for kids in the Valley is a problem. I know, I lived it!! I’m lucky to be successfull. But I could of been a statistic. Let me tell you, Out of all the peeps I used to hang out with in High School here is a reality!! I know more prisoners in our prison system than Correctional officers!! And as you … See Moreknow, most everyone who lives in Calexico with a good job is a C.O. or works for the Government as jobs are so scarce down there. Some of those are doing life in prison, some are dead over stupid shit, and others are homeless and Drunks wich just continued from their drinking and partying at such an early age!… They never learned… I do believe that if the Valley had more to offer our kids this would not be as big as a problem down there. Just so you know, I do know More than 10 correctional officers and about 8 Government workers and the numbers in the Prison system of people i know, outnumbers that!!

Xochitl Bielma-Stevens

Ody I’m assuming you’re still in the Valley and obviously Fernie you left. I myself hit the grown running and finished my last year in San Diego and to this day I admit I have only come back for the occasional funeral and sneak in sneak out hugging of the family, but growing up in a border town the politics haven’t changed just new players. If you … See Morewant to see things change THEN CHANGE THEM! start at the top. One voice makes a difference. It always has. History is filled with one voice. The Politicians are counting on you not exercising your strong voice!

Ody Caro

@Xochitl–No thankfully I am one of those that moved out of the valley succcessfully, but my heart is for the youth in IV most particularly because my children live there & have personally seen what it has to offer our youth there. Not much! Unfortunately, we are old enough, educated enough, experienced enough to know that one person does not make … See Morea difference, however collectively we might. But, in the words of Hillary Clinton, “It Takes A Village”. Whether you agree with her political views or not the truth remains the same…I grew up in a time in Calexico where it was relatively safe to walk withfriends to little league games, the downtown stores, friends homes, not true anymore. It’s not the same place and like you only travel there for family functions and can’t wait to leave. Sadly…
@ Fernie: I hear ya loud & clear on that! I, too, have many friends & family members in law enforcement or in the teaching profession. However, I don’t of know any prisoners, personally–Crossing fingers!!! :)

Xochitl Bielma-Stevens

Hillary Clinton… not the name of the Village… That’s my point. It starts with one. We as a collective group can do it… Hey, I love the Valley. That’s my home my heart is there. My family and dear friends are still there and if I can give back I will. But when kids do wrong they need to learn consequences. Other hard working people shouldn’t … See Morehave to pay for “kids being bored” bull! Good kids shouldn’t be punished for bad kids and labeled because the Valley has good kids too. If the Politicians would back the schools and give proper funding… well that would show a start.

Ody Caro

@Xochitl: Well, Hillary didnt invent the concept of the “Village” someone else actually wrote on it before she did, but it has since then been coined as hers. People shouldnt be so quick to throw the baby out with the bath water.
And at no point, did I ever mention allowing anyone not face consequences for wrong choices. I simply alluded to the … See Morefact, that we as society should have more compassion & empathy for our youth whom have made wrong decisions in life. Everything isnt so cookie-cutter in this life. I have lived long enough to know that we can no longer pass the buck around to anyone else…We Will encounter/face misdirected/misguided individuals in our every day to day one day sooner or later. I have also learned that just because someone voiced an idea doesnt mean someone else had not been thinking about it already. No man is an island…life’s full of wonderful experiences and not just for knowledge sake. What does it gain a man to win the whole world, riches included, if he/she lacks love & compassion?


By Mario Conde

The Calexico Business Improvement District discussed several options in order to bring new businesses to downtown Calexico.

An item brought by BID member Eduardo Lopez he said that he took a walk around downtown Calexico and counted 16 empty buildings. Lopez suggested having the BID work with Economic Development director, Francisco Gutierrez, and work to attract new business to fill those empty spaces. Lopez also suggested working closely with Code Enforcement in regards to downtown.

RDA Director Rosalind Guerrero informed the BID that Kids Center will be leaving but the property owner will revitalize the frontage of the building. Economic Development Director Francisco Gutierrez said that his office has been promoting City incentives going door-to-door speaking with downtown merchants that include the façade program that the Redevelopment Agency provides to improve their frontage. The BID discussed several options to help local downtown merchants improve their façade and look for new ways to expedite City business licenses and permits when investors want to open a business in downtown.

City Manager Victor Carrillo told the BID that the City will hire two new employees. One will work solely on graffiti clean-up and the other will sweep downtown. Mayor David Ouzan suggested the BID to hire and executive director. He said that the City Manager has a lot of work to do in the City and it would be better if the BID hires an Executive Director that works downtown full time and reports to the City Manager. The BID currently has $18,000 in budget but RDA could give them more funding for this position.

In other items, the BID approved to hire Spectrum Advertising to develop and run the BID website as well as the monthly news letter. The other two bidders were Converyor Group and Envision. BID member Eduardo Lopez suggested working with Envison and other companies to support local companies. The BID also discussed the possibility of advertising 10 businesses on Hi-vision and local cable programming. The District has a $1,500 monthly budget for this.

City Manager Victor Carrillo informed that second street will be a two-way street for six months as part of a pilot program. Carrillo said that there is a concern that local residents don’t shop downtown since they don’t find parking. The City Manager will be talking to the merchants on a monthly basis and said that a couple of parking meters will be lost for every block. “I prefer to lose 15 cents on parking meter than lose $50 spent on a store.” Carillo said.


Survey: More Than Half of Medical Device Industry Professionals Looking for New Job in 2010

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to a random online survey* of 2,150 medical device industry professionals between January 4 and January 13, a full 55 percent are looking at 2010 as the year to make a job change.

“What is the likelihood you will change jobs in 2010?”

Conducted by Legacy MedSearch, a leading medical device retained search firm, the survey posed the question: “What is the likelihood you will change jobs in 2010?” Twenty-eight percent of all respondents answered that they were either “unemployed” or “actively looking,” with an additional 28 percent indicating the “strong possibility” of a job change. A mere 11 percent expected no change in their employment under any circumstances in 2010.

Paula Rutledge, President of Legacy MedSearch, says she was not surprised by the results. “For the past eighteen months, professionals in all aspects of the medical industry have had to work harder – many times for less pay and with fewer resources – to make up for reductions in staff. I don’t believe this trend is sustainable. We anticipate a slight increase in hiring in 2010, particularly in the customer-facing functions like sales and marketing. With the FDA battening down the hatches on the PMA and 510(k) approval processes, we are also seeing a recent surge in positions associated with product approvals and liability such as quality, regulatory, compliance and clinical affairs.”

VPs and C Suite Most Likely to Change Jobs

In a breakdown of the poll results by title, 41 percent of vice president and “C” level executives indicated a “strong possibility” that they will change jobs in 2010. This compares to eight percent who categorized themselves as “owner,” 13 percent who categorized their positions as non-executive management and 30 percent “all other” job titles.

“With the capital markets and economic pressures constraining bonuses and incentives – and many stock options essentially worthless – many VPs and CEOs have shared confidentially that 2010 may be the year to start a new job with a clean slate,“ noted Rutledge. “Once quarterly earnings are posted, there could well be a significant shuffle in the executive management ranks – both voluntarily and involuntarily. Many companies are talking to us about making changes at the top as well, so we sense our 2010 VP and C-level searches to out-pace 2009.”

Product Staffers Least Upbeat on Current Jobs; Business Development and Marketing Most Bullish on 2010

Of all the job functions represented, respondents in product-focused positions expressed the worst outlook for their current jobs in the new year, with zero percent answering “excited about 2010.” Most upbeat about their current positions in 2010 were business development executives, 47 percent of whom were either “excited about 2010” or “happy where I am;” and marketing professionals, 43 percent of whom were either “excited about 2010” or “happy where I am.”

Small Company Employees Rank Happiest

When comparing respondents in regards to the size of their employers, those at small companies were most likely to have a positive outlook on their jobs in the new year, with 21 percent reporting that they are “excited about 2010.” This compares to 10 percent at enterprise organizations, eight percent at large companies and just five percent at medium-sized companies.

Legacy MedSearch client Derrick Johns, president and chief executive officer of DiFusion Technologies, commented on this finding. “Having worked at several larger device companies throughout my career, I think employees at smaller companies like ours may be happier due to the sense of ‘ownership’ they feel in their respective projects. They also don’t need to deal with the politics and bureaucracy often found at larger companies, which means that they can be more nimble and effective. Despite the current recession, DiFusion is looking to hire in 2010. I’m not sure this is something our larger competitors can say.”

*This survey was conducted via the paid polling service of business networking site LinkedIn between January 4 and January 7, 2010.

About Legacy MedSearch

Legacy MedSearch is a retained recruitment firm focused exclusively on the medical device and technology industry. The firm serves emerging, mid-sized and Fortune 500 medical device companies who require a specialized approach to placing C-level executives and senior managers in the areas of engineering, sales and marketing, research and development, product management, clinical affairs as well as quality and regulatory affairs. For more information, visit

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