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Sheriffs Officially Take Over Holtville Law Enforcement Services

By Jim Predmore

On Tuesday January 5th Sheriff Raymond Loera commented on the transition of law enforcement in Holtville to the Sheriff’s Department. “Officially we took over law enforcement services of Holtville yesterday and for those of you interested, Sergeant Erro, Deputy Johnson and Deputy Quezada will be available for autographs after the ceremony and they will provide photos for the newspapers, I understand.

But unofficially we have been in the city of Holtville for about four years. The decision to contract with the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office for these services was made easier for the community because during this time they were able to see the dedication and professionalism that our agency could provide.

I would like to thank all of those involved to help make this a smooth transition: Sergeant Sheppard, Chief Gutierrez, Sergeant Watson, Sergeant Erro, Deputy Ramirez and Deputy Benavidez. Their efforts and professionalism have shown the people of Holtville they are getting the best.”


By Mario Conde

The Calexico Planning Commission approved to rescind the Mega Park project Monday only five months after its approval.

The Planning Board approved Monday to rescind all entitlements for the Mega Park; amend the General Plan to change the land-use designation for the Mega Park property; and rezone the Mega Park property to be consistent with the General Plan.  The Mega Park developers sent a letter to the City of Calexico on December 1, 2009 requesting rescinding all the project relating approvals arguing that they need to respond to the dramatic changes in Imperial County and the Country’s economy.  The letter also said that they are currently evaluating to develop some parts of the 150 acres of land. With this action, the Mega Park is the third projecton this property that failed to be developed. Other projects have been proposed for this area since 1994 but have not moved forward.

The developers of this project also came to the decision to rescind this project as part of a settlement of a lawsuit by the Citizens for Honesty and Integrity by Calexican Officials against the City of Calexico and the Heffernan Memorial Board District. Part of the settlement between the parties was to eliminate this project since the group argued that the project was going to cause environmental impacts that could not be mitigated.

The Calexico Mega Park LLC obtained approvals and entitlements to develop a mixed commercial project last August and it would be developed in a land which is approximately 155 acres located on the southeast quadrant of Jasper Road and Highway 111 and was zoned IND . General Industrial which is different from the land use designation in the General Plan. The Council took action to rezone the 155 acres from CH to 25 acres as CH and 130 as R-2.

The commission also approved to recommend the City Council adopt an Ordinance Amending Title 17of the Calexico Municipal Code to include a Medium Density Residential zone. This “R-2” zone action is taken in conjunction with the rescission of the land-use entitlement approvals for the Mega Park development project; therefore, this proposed action will have significantly less environmental effects than the formerly proposed development of approximately 155 acres of the Mega Park project.

The Calexico Heffernan Hospital District also had interest in developing a 15 acre medical building at the Mega Park. Heffernan gave $450,000 dollars to Mega Park plus a $50,000 non-refundable deposit. The $450,000 was supposed to be paid back to the Heffernan District later this year.


By Jim Predmore

The Annual Sheriff’s uniform inspection and ceremony was held on Tuesday January 5, 2010 and was conducted by Sheriff Raymond Loera. Sheriff Loera commented on how fast the past three years have gone by for him and unfortunately for some, maybe not fast enough, and what a strong learning experience it has been.

Sheriff Loera stated “I want to start this ceremony by recognizing some of our co- workers who, by their actions, reinforce the reputation and traditions of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department. It’s this kind of action that shows the commitment and dedication that each of you have to serve the public. On Saturday January 2, 2010 at approximately 18:15 hours, Deputy Sheriffs responded to assist CHP officers at an accident scene where a vehicle had crashed into a cement lined canal. The vehicle landed upside down with the doors wedged against the cement. Deputies, along with other public safety officers, jumped into the water and after some effort, they were able to open the doors and remove the occupant. CPR was initiated on that subject. Deputies then re-entered the water to make sure that there was no one else in the vehicle and with this action a second occupant was found and removed. CPR was also initiated on this subject. It should be kept in mind that the water temperature was extremely cold and the current very fast. At no time did the deputies give up on the occupants. I would like to give the deputies involved my heart felt thanks for their effort in keeping with the tradition of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department in their service to the public.  The deputies to be commended are Deputy Jason Hurley, Deputy Marlin Uriarte, Deputy Patrick Murphy, Deputy Rosendo Contreras, Deputy Patrick Zamora and Reserve Deputy Rocio Lopez. Please join me in giving them a well deserved hand.”

Sheriff Loera went on to reinforce the Mission and Vision Statements for the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department and how whey will become significant in the following year and the future. This mission will be reflected in everything that they do.

Mission Statement

The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office is committed to work in partnership with the community to protect life and property.  We believe in providing responsible and professional law enforcement services to the citizens and visitors of Imperial County to ensure the quality of life in our communities.  We instill this level of commitment by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional conduct.

Vision Statement

Together, the employees of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office commit to making a difference in our community, through behaviors that demonstrate our dedication to these values:
Compassion: Providing services with dignity and kindness.
Excellence: Leading the way in high standards of personal and agency achievement.
Mutual Respect: Treating all individuals as partners in accomplishing our common goals.
Openness: Hearing, speaking and acting with directness and honesty.
Acceptance: Recognizing that each person has unique and diverse qualities and strengths.

Sheriff Loera went on to say on behalf of himself and his staff a thank you to each and every employee for their dedication and commitment to providing a law enforcement service to the people of Imperial County that is second to none.

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