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Holidays And Alzheimer’s a Stressful Time

Holidays And Alzheimer’s Patients Can Make For a Stressful Time

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Congressman Filner Urges Toyota to Improve Push-To-Start Feature

Congressman Filner Urges Toyota to Improve Push-To-Start Feature on Lexus Vehicles!

Recently, Congressman Filner contacted Christopher Tinto, Vice President for Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Safety for Toyota Motor Company regarding concerns stemming from Push-to-Start buttons on Lexus vehicles.   In an emergency, these Push-to-Start buttons may also be used as Push-to-Stop buttons; however, many consumers are not aware of this feature. This has resulted in accidents and fatalities when drivers are unable to turn off their vehicle.   “While this may be a convenient feature, these Push-to-Start buttons are causing accidents and deaths,” said Congressman Filner. “We must put security before convenience and ensure that these vehicles are safe for Americans to drive.”   Congressman Filner’s letter (enclosed) asked Mr. Tinto what Toyota’s plans are to correct this dangerous error.

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A Rare Sight To See; Blue Moon

By Luke Phillips
Late-night revelers, staying up to ring in the New Year this past Thursday, where treated to a rare astronomical event: A New Year’s Eve Blue Moon.
The Blue Moon itself occurs on a relatively regular basis, but rarely coincides with New Year’s Eve. The last time the two events synced up was in 1990 and the next time will be in 2028.
The blue moon, or the second full moon in a month, has nothing to do with the color of the moon, and in fact is a fairly new term. The term, in  the context of an extra full moon, first surfaced in the 1980s. Before that it was used mainly as an obvious absurdity, as in ‘he would argue that the moon is blue’, similar to the modern saying ‘he would argue that black is white’. It was also used as a way to say ‘never’, as in ‘That will happen when the moon turns blue’, similar to the modern saying ‘When pigs fly’.
For hundreds of years, the phrase has also been used in the literal sense. Smoke from volcanic eruptions or forest fires can literally turn the moon a bluish color.
In some parts of the world a partial lunar eclipse was also visible during the New Years Eve Blue Moon. The next time this event occurs, in 2028, it will be accompanied by a full lunar eclipse.

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Q96 Radio Moves To San Diego This Weekend

Chris Furguson
After 25 years in Brawley, KSIQ FM, or Q96, is slated to leave the Imperial Valley for Santee this weekend, barring any changes.  The move is scheduled to begin around January 9.
Due to the mountain region between Imperial and San Diego Counties, KSIQ’s signal will not reach far into Imperial County.
Expected to move to the area around Campo, California, the main tower’s signal will not reach Imperial County.  A booster signal to be placed on Mt. San Miguel, was requested and approved through the FCC, which will help the station reach the El Cajon and Downtown San Diego areas.
The move also includes a reduction in power of the main tower from 50,000 watts to 25,000.
The move was requested by station owners Cheery Creek Radio Corp in 2005 in an attempt to increase potential revenue.  Currently, the station is valued at $5 million but a move to San Diego could boost that to around $25 to $40 million in time.
The move was approved in by the FCC 2008, with a construction permit and change of license.
The local station, which topped Imperial Valley ratings for many years, played a Top 40 format that was unique to the county as most played country and Mexican music.
Currently the only on-air talents moving with the station are morning DJ Tony Driskill, who is also general manager of the station, and afternoon DJ Stacy Lynn.
The AM station, KROP 1300, will stay and continue to broadcast in Brawley with a mostly country music format.
Local reaction has been mixed, as many young listeners are looking towards stations from Riverside County for their music while older listeners have already changed station preferences.
Other radio stations are looking forward to a piece of Q96’s advertising revenue.  KSIQ’ ratings were the highest of any radio station in the Imperial Valley, which lured businesses to advertise with them.

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In Other Words

A Look back At Some Columns From a Year Ago And Events Now

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