Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Grants $30,000

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Grants $30,000 To
MANA de Imperial Valley and Comite Civico del Valle

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage announced this week  that MANA de Imperial Valley and Comité Civico del Valle are the recipients of the 2009 Homeownership Grant program.  MANA de Imperial Valley will use the grant to provide financial literacy training to low-to-moderate-income families and scholarships in Imperial County.  Comité Civico del Valle will be using the grant to host a series of workshops under the Housing Opportunity Mortgage Education (HOME) Program.   Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has a mission to provide sustainable homeownership opportunities for low  to moderate income individuals by providing 100% financing as a direct lender through Rural Guarantee Housing for moderate income families, FHA with down payment assistance programs, FHA 203K Rehabilitation, VA 30yr Fixed, Conventional Owner  & Non-Owner Programs.  Veronica Platero, Branch Manager at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, stated, “In today’s market, it’s an uphill battle for entry-level buyers to compete with cash-carrying investors.  Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is extremely excited about the activities that this year’s awardees will be implementing in Imperial Valley.  This is an opportunity for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to partner with local agencies to make a real difference in assisting those populations that are having challenges with housing and financial issues.”  MANA de Imperial Valley members will be providing financial literacy workshops in the community throughout the year in addition to a workshop from the Washington D.C., based Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER), an organization dedicated to improving the long-term financial security of all women through education and advocacy. Workshops will answer questions on why get a reverse mortgage and the Workshop from WISER was held on  Thursday November 5th at the IID Board Room in El Centro.
Luis Olmedo, Executive Director of Comité Civico del Valle stated, “There is no question that Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is investing in our local communities.  It is with such dynamic partnerships that are clear indicators when in tough times our communities will work together to rebuild and reinvent ourselves to overcome a crisis.”
For more information regarding MANA’s financial literacy trainings please contact Alicia Armenta at (760) 353-0234 or for information on Comité Civico del Valle please call (760) 351-8761 or Wells Fargo Home Mortgage at 760-482-0080.