Miss Betty’s Preschool Celebrates Christmas

By Betty Predmore

The students at Miss Betty’s Preschool had a great time in December preparing for the Christmas holiday.  They made gingerbread cookies from scratch and enjoyed eating them during lunch time.  They had a wonderful time during arts & crafts as they created lovely handprint wreaths, gingerbread men, candy canes, Christmas stockings, and angels, just to name a few.  Their class project for the month was a beautiful Christmas tree made with the handprints of all the children, then decorated with glitter and sparkles.  The kids were all so proud of their class project.  They also made a beautiful bulletin board which showed a manger scene surrounded by all the gifts the children made for baby Jesus.  Another exciting time of the season was making the beautiful reindeer wall hangings that were made by each child for their parents.  They were very eager to give those gifts to their mommies and daddies.  Along with concentrating on the designated letters, numbers, shape, and color of the month, the little ones were also able to learn new Christmas songs and fingerplays, along with numerous Christmas stories.  Their favorite was the story of the birth of baby Jesus.  They delighted in hearing that particular story many times during the month.  The Christmas party was a ton of fun.  The celebration started with Miss Betty reading a Christmas story to the children.  Much to the delight of Miss Betty and many parents, the kids were able to give a very accurate recitation of the birth of baby Jesus.  After story time, they were able to make some Magic Reindeer Food to take home and sprinkle on their lawns to help Santa find his way.  The highlight of the party was a visit from jolly old Santa himself!  Santa visited with each child and gave them a surprise gift. They all assured Santa they had been very good boys and girls and he left them with a wave and a promise to “see them soon”.

Miss Betty and the children are looking forward to the New Year.  They will be moving right along through the alphabet, shapes, colors, and numbers.  They will be continuing to improve their name-writing skills and working on their phonics.  They will also be learning more exciting adventures about Jesus and his Bible friends.  A trip to Legoland is coming up in a few short months as well as a trip to the Palm Desert Childrens Museum.  There is always something fun and exciting happening at Miss Betty’s Preschool!

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