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Strange Doings In Holtville Again; Saying Goodbye to Some Good Guys In Brawley

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WE’RE NOT SURE WHY HOLTVILLE HAS such a difficult time accepting new ideas and people. But it does.
You’d think a city would want to encourage people to come there, work there and spend money there. But it is still very difficult for anyone to get established in this little community and even more difficult to run a successful business out of it.
As a business owner in that community for the last 19 years, I’ve seen it time and again where someone has a good idea for a business, but gets little or no support from those who live there.
We, of course,  have a newspaper. And we try to report on events that occur there. Some folks don’t like those events and blame the messenger for the message.
Others want to force their own political agendas on the public and will go to some extreme lengths to keep news they don’t like from reaching the light of day.
Against this rather gloomy background, I have to report that we have been banned from the Chamber of Commerce electronic marquee.
We started putting our name and a lead story headline on the marquee as a way of letting the public know what was in our paper, hoping they would pick up a copy and use it. It’s a good way for people to find out what’s going on in their town.
But, I guess we ran a headline that was offensive to someone.
The headline reads: “Council Votes Out Police Department, Sheriff To Take Over in January.”
Chamber Secretary Dana Hawk decided this was too controversial and took it to her Board of Directors. They, in turn, banned the offensive material to the rubbish heap and gave us the boot without even a fair-thee-well.
I’m not sure who voted it out since the Chamber board has so many members and alternate members that you need a scorecard to tell who’s attending a meeting.
Well folks, we’re off marquee and if you want to know what’s going on in your little city, you will just have to pick up a copy at your favorite store or subscribe and we will send one to your house.
But don’t look for us on the marquee. We’ve been deemed unworthy.
That’s rather hard to swallow, especially since the marquee was funded with taxpayer dollars from the city. That makes it public property and it has to be made available to anyone.
State discrimination laws would apply in this case if anybody wants to take the time to look them up.
A list of criteria for sign use should also be provided. None is available, as far as we know. At least we weren’t given one.
WITH SUCH DISCOURAGING ACTIONS FLOATING AROUND is it any wonder that businesses don’t last very long here?
Somebody should wake up and smell the coffee. When the city can’t even pass a skateboard park proposal without years of huffing and puffing about it, is there any wonder that there are lots of empty buildings here?   Well, we do have a new water tank anyway.
But only select people can use the chamber marquee. Perhaps we can get our message on the water tank.
UP IN BRAWLEY A COUPLE OF OLD PROS are retiring from the public ranks after many years of service.
Steve Vasquez and John Benson have worked hard for many years to keep their city on a steady course upward. They’ve helped meet the needs of new businesses such as Wal-Mart, as well as educational facilities such as SDSU’s north campus and saw housing developments begin to bloom in the desert. They’ve worked for progress while keeping in mind the traditions established during the last century on the northend. They will get a pat on the back that is much deserved this Friday. Show up and wish them well. There is a story on the front page of this paper which will give you the details.
DON’T FORGET THE CHRISTMAS PARADE IN CALEXICO. It takes place this Saturday through downtown, beginning at 10 a.m.
You’ll get a chance to see some acts from the other side of the border as well as some of the traditional parade entries.
There’s always several floats with religious themes if you want to get into the true meaning of the season.
And don’t forget those fantastic bands. At least a dozen bands will be playing, including some from Mexicali. Bring the whole family and stay for the day if you wish.
Peace and freedom of speech to all.