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InOtherWords copyMake A Wish

IT’S HOLIDAY TIME. Time to make a wish, or two or more, for the Holidays and beyond.
IN HOLTVILLE we’d like to wish for the City Council to get the issue for a skate board park resolved once and for all. The kids who are in favor of it have been to two city council meetings. And the matter has been pushed back, even after they were told it would be discussed at the last one. This is getting to be a habit with the council. Two members of the council, both appointed, are afraid to put a skateboard park on Samaha Field, so off we go again. More letters, more studies more stalling around.
We’re not sure why this issue won’t go away. Perhaps the city council and city manager like skateboarders zooming around Holt Park and other points, since there is no other place for them to go.
The city already spent $165,000 of money that had originally been earmarked for a skateboard park at Pine Avenue and Fourth street on cleaning up the  public works department’s  land.
Suddenly skateboard park is a dirty word in that area. This is one reason the public has given up on the council and local concerns. The city manager and the council make statements in order to get the funds in place and then does whatever they want with them. Such a methodology doesn’t leave room for any credibility.
The objecting council members feel that Samaha Field should be quieter than Park Terrace Cemetery and the skateboarders should be out of sight and out of mind.
I wonder if those council members  being past 70 in age and not having teenagers in their homes has anything to do with it.
The city also did away with the Recreation Supervisor’s position when a grant funding it expired.
They didn’t make much effort to bring it back, as far as we can tell.
Without an individual to spearhead the project it’s doubtful this one will go very far. Perhaps the children of the current teenagers who would use the facility will get a chance. By then, the city council members who want to protect the status quo won’t be around.
In the meantime, the city will go round and round on its merry-go-round until all interest is lost by the public. Then it will vote on it.
Please wake me up when they do.
ON THE COUNTY LEVEL we wish Wally Leimgruber would drop his one man crusade against casino gambling.
This activity will be here to stay for a long time. It is  not the destroyer of an area that  he continues to claim it is.
Casinos have become a legitimate form of recreation. Let’s keep some of the money it generates in this part of California.
WE ALSO WISH THE COUNTY would do something about the road situation in and out of the Imperial Valley Mall. This one isn’t going away either.
We have another Christmas season upon us and they haven’t done a thing to give Valley residents better access to the I.V. Mall.
Shopping malls generate millions of dollars in new tax revenue and add a positive industry to the area. The county should be supporting it, not stalling off any new roads.
Stalling seems to be something local boards like to do a lot of. I guess they think if they wait long enough, people won’t think ill of them when they make a decision the public disagrees with.
Have a great Holiday shopping season. Just remember to plan your route carefully to avoid the traffic congestion.
IN BRAWLEY THERE IS THE ONGOING Best Road issue that may never get resolved. Nobody wants to own up to fixing the road and the private developer currently involved is resolute in not doing so. The city doesn’t want to get stuck with the bill for the entire road, so off to court they will go in January. Meanwhile, a four lane road is a long way off and the resumption of work on a new housing development would appear to be the same.
Maybe Santa Claus will have a solution in his pack.
BLACK FRIDAY WAS the most popular shopping experience on record in Imperial Valley once again. This day is getting to be as popular as Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Lining up in the early morning hours to snag some highly discounted items is as American as Pumpkin Pie and Turkey.
Several of our staff members joined the fray at the I.V. Mall and Wal-Mart – both in El Centro and Calexico. The lines were so long at Wal-Mart checkers were telling latecomers, they probably wouldn’t have much of a chance at the most popular bargain items.
But it didn’t stop them from lining up  anyway. A lot of people were there the night before and stood with shopping baskets  at the ready for the 5 a.m. kickoff at Wal-Mart.
The IV Mall was a little more generous with the time. Stores opened at Midnight and the shoppers could romp around all night if they wanted to.
Some folks even took to bargain grabbing at more than one location, scurrying around in the early morning hours to find those great deals at multiple locations.
A few enterprising folks cashed in on the crowds by selling coffee, cocoa and sandwiches from the backs of their vehicles. Others brought their own food supplies with them.
Maybe they had some turkey sandwiches left over from Thanksgiving dinner.
We hope nobody loses sight of the reason for the season.
Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men.
WE’RE BACK FROM OUR THANKSGIVING Hiatus and got our annual trip to the Motor Trend Auto Show. It takes place every year the day after Thanksgiving too. At least for me.
Look elsewhere in this issue for details and a full report.
You can also take in the Holiday activities that start this weekend with the El Centro Christmas Parade and don’t end until Santa eats the last cookie and drinks the last glass of milk.
Take in some of these events and it will make you feel even more in the mood for the Holidays.
Calexico will light its official Christmas tree Friday at City Hall.
Then you can stake out a seat early along Main Street in El Centro for the parade. It’s Holiday time once again.