A Generous Gift from the Red Rose Society

SAN DIEGO, CA, December 21, 2009 — The San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter of the American Red Cross proudly unveils its new canteen, a feeding services vehicle, purchased with a generous donation of $70,000 from its very own Red Rose Society.

Recognizing a need for greater disaster preparedness, the Red Rose Society was founded with a focused mission to raise funds that would be used exclusively for the purchase of vehicles that respond to those affected by local disasters.

The new Dodge Sprinter, a very streamlined vehicle, is a departure from the more traditional box-style vehicles the Red Cross has used in the past.  A full pallet of food, water and other disaster relief supplies can be loaded with a forklift directly into the vehicle through the side door, unlike the older vehicles that require hand loading.  This feature allows the Red Cross to speed up its response times.  The vehicle will carry two, 2-Kilowatt portable generators, which will power exterior lights, coffee makers, and any other equipment that may require electrical power.

“This is what the Red Rose Society was created for, to provide the tools that the local chapter of the Red Cross needs in order to help relieve human suffering”, said Jeanne Jones, prolific author, lecturer and founder of the Red Rose Society.  “We are so very honored to help those in need”.

This is the local chapter’s second new canteen; the Sempra Energy Foundation donated the other in 2007. That was the first new vehicle added to the fleet in 12 years.

Membership in the Red Rose Society is 100% tax deductible and includes invitations to exclusive events held quarterly.  Lifetime Membership is $10,000.  The New Vehicle Sponsorship allows members to honor a friend, family member or community by sponsoring a Red Cross Vehicle in their name and constitutes an automatic Lifetime Membership.

For more information about becoming a member of the Red Rose Society or to purchase a vehicle for the chapter, please contact Chris Marek, Chief Officer of Development and Communications, at 858-309-1217.