Calexico School District Facilities Action Plan

By Mario Conde

The Calexico Unified School District approved the District Facilities Action Plan to assist in improvement projects for the District.

In a meeting held November 19th the board voted 4-1 to approve the District Action plan having Board Member Gloria Romo opposing the item since, according to her, there is no justification to hire three consultants for this plan. The board approved to hire WLC Architects Inc. and their services will include assessments of district facilities, district loading standards, school site master plans, funding source analyst, future school site analysis, and final documentation preparation. The recommendation to hire these consultants came after city staff presented the needs assessments for the district facilities.

The board also hired Desert School Consultants LLC and Javier Dias Associates and both will be paid $100/hr. Romo says that the hiring of these three consultants are unnecessary since the district will be spending money on consultants that the District does not have. She also questioned why there wasn’t a bid process to select other firm who could participate as well.

Board Member Romo further questioned as to why her and Ruben De La Rosa who were appointed to the Facilities Committee by the Education Board were not invited to be part of the interview process. Romo said that he and De La Rosa have invested many hours working on this committee and said it was disrespectful not have them included in this process. Romo was appointed in February as the board facilities liaison to accompany former Superintendent Groesbeck or a facilities person to represent the District at the Office of Public School Construction or School Allocations Board in Sacramento to tell them the needs of the District.

Superintendent Luna said that she did not intend to disrespect her in any way on the work she has done on the District Facilities Sub-Committee. Luna said that she and her staff have been working diligently and following direction of the board. Board member Michael Castillo made a motion to dissolve the Facilities Advisory Sub-Committee and in the new District Facilities Action Plan to have the appropriate 7-11 legal committee to guide the board and have two board members included in that group. The group will be composed of community and district staff members to provide input on school facilities needs and school surplus properties, excess or lack of properties. Their first task will be to analyze the property on HWY 98 and Kloke next to Willie Moreno Junior High.

Romo will continue to be the liaison for this new District Facilities Action Plan Committee.