All League Team Players Announced

Holtville Sports

Selected by league coaches under the auspices of the San Diego Hall of Champions. Selection committees can recognize athletes in excess of the authorized number, but only those whose names will appear on the Hall of Champions certificates are listed below.

Holtville Football

Julian Martinez – Benji Angulo – Ethan Ming


First-team offense: Andrew Torkelson (Tri-City Christian) Sr.; Dillon Lentz (Escondido Charter) Sr.; Cedric Thoompson (Calipatria) Jr.; Mical Bailey (La Jolla Country Day) Jr.; Greg Elliott (Army-Navy) Jr.; Brandon Reed (Tri-City Christian) Sr.; Blake Mohseni (La Jolla Country Day) Sr.; Ian Han (La Jolla Country Day) Sr.; Jeremy Curtis (Escondido Charter) Sr.; Michael Pederson (Tri-City Christian) Sr.; Julian Martinez (Holtville) Jr.; Kevin Giese (Tri-City Christian) Jr.

Second-team offense: Derek Hatfield (La Jolla Country Day) Sr.; Joseph Kanhele (Escondido Charter) Sr.; Matt Reyes (Army-Navy) Sr.; Aaron Broyles (Escondido Charter) Sr.; Gilbert Aguayo (Calipatria) So.; Kyle Mackeller (Mountain Empire) So.; Steven Dennis (La Jolla Country Day) Jr.; Jairo Pina (Calipatria) Sr.; John Rossi (Army-Navy) Sr.; Adam Cain (Escondido Charter) Sr.; Tim Cosby (Tri-City Christian) Sr.

First-team defense: Joey Naotala (Army-Navy) Fr.; Indie Lavarias (La Jolla Country Day) Sr.; Jacob Torquato (Holtville) So.; Torrey Polizzi (Escondido Charter) Sr.; Montell Allen (La Jolla Country Day) Sr.; Conner Gerhart (La Jolla Country Day) Sr.; Scott Causey (Tri-City Christian) Sr.; Eddie Fernandez (Calipatria) Jr.; Benji Angulo (Holtville) Sr.; Daniel Callewaert (Tri-City Christian) Sr.; Victor Lowe (Army-Navy) Sr.

Second-team defense: Noah Hannah (Tri-City Christian) Sr.; Carlos Del Olmo (Vincent Memorial) Jr.; Kenny Parker (Mtn. Empire) Sr.; Carlos Uribe (Calipatria) Sr.; Ethan Ming (Holtville) Jr.; Jose Licona (Escondido Charter) Sr.; Will Rush (Army-Navy) Sr.; Sean Moses (Mtn. Empire) Jr.; Ruben Pena (La Jolla Country Day) Jr.; Francisco Tamayo (Vincent Memorial) Sr.; Jonathon Gomez (Calipatria) Sr.



Demi Johnson – Kalli Ries – Bethany Lehamn

First team: Lauren Drysdale (Brawley) Sr.; Mikaela Judson (Brawley) Sr.; Demi Johnson (Holtville) Sr.; Leonna Garrett (Imperial) Sr.; Areyana Marquez (Central) Sr.; Taylor Wilcox (EC Southwest) Jr.

Second team: Jamie Godinez (Brawley) So.; Kalli Ries (Holtville) Sr.; Bethany Lehman (Holtville) Sr.; Tess Magin (Central) Jr.; Akayla Bell (Imperial) Sr.; Megan Lerno (EC Southwest) Jr.

Player of the Year: Lauren Drysdale (B).