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Niland, Calif. – El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Indio Station and working the Highway 111 checkpoint seized more than 26 pounds of methamphetamine.

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Packages of methamphetamine are located under the spare tire in a vehicle.
Packages of methamphetamine are located under the spare tire in a vehicle.

A red luxury sedan entered the Highway 111 checkpoint on Monday evening for inspection. During the primary inspection, a Border Patrol canine team performed a cursory inspection of the vehicle. The canine alerted to the trunk and the vehicle was referred to secondary for further inspection. A subsequent scan of the vehicle using a large-scale imaging system revealed an anomaly under the spare tire located in the trunk of the vehicle. Agents discovered 12 vacuum-sealed bags of a crystalline substance in the area beneath the spare tire. The crystal substance tested positive for the properties of methamphetamine.

The methamphetamine weighed approximately 27 pounds and has an estimated value of more than $850,000. The driver, the vehicle and methamphetamine were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

El Centro Sector has witnessed a significant increase in the amount of narcotics being seized this year. In the few months since the fiscal year began on October 1, the El Centro Sector has already surpassed last fiscal year’s total amount seized of heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine.


By Betty Predmore

The students at Miss Betty’s Preschool had a great time in December preparing for the Christmas holiday.  They made gingerbread cookies from scratch and enjoyed eating them during lunch time.  They had a wonderful time during arts & crafts as they created lovely handprint wreaths, gingerbread men, candy canes, Christmas stockings, and angels, just to name a few.  Their class project for the month was a beautiful Christmas tree made with the handprints of all the children, then decorated with glitter and sparkles.  The kids were all so proud of their class project.  They also made a beautiful bulletin board which showed a manger scene surrounded by all the gifts the children made for baby Jesus.  Another exciting time of the season was making the beautiful reindeer wall hangings that were made by each child for their parents.  They were very eager to give those gifts to their mommies and daddies.  Along with concentrating on the designated letters, numbers, shape, and color of the month, the little ones were also able to learn new Christmas songs and fingerplays, along with numerous Christmas stories.  Their favorite was the story of the birth of baby Jesus.  They delighted in hearing that particular story many times during the month.  The Christmas party was a ton of fun.  The celebration started with Miss Betty reading a Christmas story to the children.  Much to the delight of Miss Betty and many parents, the kids were able to give a very accurate recitation of the birth of baby Jesus.  After story time, they were able to make some Magic Reindeer Food to take home and sprinkle on their lawns to help Santa find his way.  The highlight of the party was a visit from jolly old Santa himself!  Santa visited with each child and gave them a surprise gift. They all assured Santa they had been very good boys and girls and he left them with a wave and a promise to “see them soon”.

Miss Betty and the children are looking forward to the New Year.  They will be moving right along through the alphabet, shapes, colors, and numbers.  They will be continuing to improve their name-writing skills and working on their phonics.  They will also be learning more exciting adventures about Jesus and his Bible friends.  A trip to Legoland is coming up in a few short months as well as a trip to the Palm Desert Childrens Museum.  There is always something fun and exciting happening at Miss Betty’s Preschool!


City of Holtville


December 24


It was reported, that a married couple were having a large argument, the caller is concerned that they will end up hurting each other, physically, the male subject was under the influence of alcohol, both subjects were counseled.


It was reported, that a teenager was seen throwing rocks at the caller’s home and vehicle, though signs of rock throwing were found, the young man wasn’t, the caller was advised to call back should he return.


December 25


It was reported that a local k-9 is on the loose, the caller stated that its leash was tied to one of the hind legs; the caller believes that one of the dog’s legs may be broken, the k-9 was not found in the area, the caller was advised to keep an eye open.


December 26


It was reported that the caller’s uncle is at the residence bothering his mother, the subject is refusing the leave the area, though it isn’t known what exactly he wants  in the area, the subject was contacted and warned to not return, the subject left the area with no incident.


It was reported, that the caller is having an argument with a male subject who is refusing to leave the area, the caller has asked him to leave, an officer did make contact with the subject, he was sent on his way, the caller was advised of her options.


December 27


It was reported that someone has vandalized the caller’s vehicle, the caller also stated that his CD’s,  citizenship documents and mp3 faceplate  were taken, upon a closer observation,  the entry point was located to be the passenger side door, the caller was advised of his options a full report was taken.


It was reported, that a male subject whom appeared to be 25 years old was around in the neighborhood looking into the caller’s windows, the caller believes it is her ex-husband, the caller was advised of her options.


December 28


It was reported, that the caller believes his son is stealing miscellaneous items from his home or elsewhere and that he maybe smoking marijuana at times, the caller would like for him to be counseled, the young man was contacted.

City of El Centro


December 24


It was reported, that the park has been vandalized, the caller stated that the benches and a wall in the park has been spray painted, the caller did not see who was responsible, or exactly when it happened, the area was surveyed, the situation was handled.


December 25


It was reported, that a subject in an ATV, was on a vacant plot, picking up dirt and driving erratically, though the caller has yelled out to the young man, the young man was not found on the lot when attempted to be contacted, the caller was advised to call back should he return.


It was reported, that there is a male subject out in the back alley, making a lot of noises, the caller stated that the 40 year old homeless man was screaming and yelling as he dug thru the trash, the man had been warned before, but he keeps coming back, the subject was contacted and advised to not return.


December 26


It was reported, that the caller is witnessing a physical brawl between two subjects at the locale, the two subjects weren’t brandishing weapons, nor did anyone get seriously hurt, they both left soon after the fight started, the caller was advised to call should they return.


It was reported, that there is a very loud party going on next door, the caller among others in the neighborhood, though they have been asked to turn it down, the host refused to, an officer made contact with the host and advised him to keep it down, the host complied, the caller was advised to call back should they return.


December 27


It was reported, that an unknown subject had broken the rear window to the caller’s vehicle, The caller stated that his the damages were estimated to be $350 dollars, a full report was written, the caller was advised on how to handle the situation.


December 28


It was reported, that the caller has witnessed another fight between her friend and her ex-boyfriend, the caller stated that they are both very loud and she is afraid that they might fight, before the ex-boyfriend left, he did break a window to the residence, the caller was advised of her options.


It was reported, that a subject was riding around the parking lot on his bike, the subject was also carrying a flashlight and an empty backpack, the caller thought he was up to no good, he was out of the area when a police officer arrived.

City of Brawley


December 24


It was reported, that an unknown subject had taken a few things off the bed of the caller’s truck, the caller stated that a box of documents, DVD’s and a box of computer  parts was taken, a report was made of the incident, the caller was advised of their options.


It was reported, that five kids were throwing rocks at the caller’s home’s windows, the young kids were caught in the act and counseled, luckily no damage were made to the windows, or any part of the home, the kids parents were also notified.


December 25


It was reported, that a subject has been revving up the engine to his vehicle for the past few hours, when contacted, it was found that the noise was actually coming from contract equipment which came down the street.


December 26


It was reported that a few teenagers are inside an un-inhabited home, the caller stated that no one is supposed to be there, when an officer arrived the kids were gone and it was found that the door wasn’t locked, it was open, the situation was handled.


It was reported, that three teenagers were seen throwing a rock at a parked vehicle’s windshield, which completely shattered, the subjects left soon after and were not rounded up, a report was taken for the vandalized vehicle.


December 27


It was reported, that the caller cannot rest due to a party going on next door, after receiving several complaints the party was eventually shut down, the subjects complied to taking the party inside the residence with no music.


It was reported, that the caller believes there is someone in her backyard, though she didn’t get a clear look, she did hear trampling in the area, an officer was sent to investigate but found no one in the area, the caller was asked to call back should she return.


December 28


It was reported, that a mother and son couple were having an argument and now the son is being very aggressive at her, the young man was found screaming at the mother, he was counseled then he was picked up by his father, the situation was handled.

City of Calexico


December 24


It was reported, that while out of town, someone had broken into the caller’s home and ran off with a few jewelry pieces like rings and bracelets were taken from the residence, a report was taken.


It was reported, that two customers were arguing amongst themselves and cussing some ruckus, when asked to keep it down, they simply ignored the waiter, when asked to leave they both started to yell at the manager, the two were gone before an officer arrived.


December 25


It was reported, that a dog that was chasing the caller around, the caller then picked up a large stick and  decided to chase the dog back to his home, the owner  refused to answer the door when the caller wished to speak with them, the situation was handled.


It was reported, that the caller’s vehicle was vandalized sometime last night, the caller stated that the passenger side tires were slashed open with a very sharp blade, a report was taken, the caller was advised on his options.


December 26


It was reported, that a group of skaters are purposely breaking the caller’s sprinklers to his front lawn, the caller had asked them to go elsewhere but they won’t budge, the caller then stated that he ran after them, the situation was handled.


It was reported, that the caller’s ex-boyfriend is calling her and her friends, the male subject is shouting and yelling obscenities at them, the caller was advised on how to deal with the subject.


December 27


It was reported, that a subject is at her home, he is being very abusive to her and refuses to leave when asked, an officer made contact with the subject and sent him on his way, he was asked to not return.


It was reported that a brother and sister couple were out on their lawn arguing over a few personal matters, the caller was concerned because it did seem to be escalating; the two were counseled and separated for the evening.


December 28


It was reported, that a panhandler is back asking customers for money and loitering in the area, though he refused to leave when he was asked by the manager he did leave before an officer arrived.


It was reported that the caller’s next-door neighbors are playing their music very loudly, after a few demands from the caller they finally complied when an officer asked them to keep it down or shut it down, the neighbors will be keeping it quiet.


Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Goldner as the Director of Marketing and Provider Relations effective immediately. This new position will act as the liaison between the hospital district and the medical and employer community and promote the development of strong bonds with our physicians, their staffs, and the employers in Imperial County.

Goldner has more than fifteen years of experience working in the operations and marketing fields. Ten of those years were devoted to building strong relationships with physician and employer groups. Most recently, she was the Regional Marketer of Business Development for Physical Rehabilitation Network and Industrial Family Medical Care with offices in San Diego and Imperial Counties. She is a native Californian and received her certification as a medical assistant from Bryman College (now Everest Career Education Network).

“Lisa is a welcome addition to our leadership team,” said Richard L. Mendoza, Chief Executive Officer of PMHD. “Her community-based job will be focused on continuing our efforts to mold and enhance the professional relationships with our valley medical and employer partners. Lisa will also drive/support business development efforts as we explore new opportunities and promote existing programs,” continued Mendoza. Goldner will be a direct report to Mendoza.”

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District is pleased to welcome James Shaw, M.D., to the medical community in Imperial Valley. Dr. Shaw is a graduate of Texas A & M University College of Medicine in College Station, Texas. He completed his internship at the Mayo Clinic and Hospitals in Rochester, Minnesota, and his residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Herrmann Hospital, MD Anderson Hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas. He completed a fellowship in pain management at Stanford Hospital and Clinics in Palo Alto, California.

Dr. Shaw has a practice with the M.D. Pain Specialists in Encinitas, California, as well as at Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas, and Tri-City Hospital in Oceanside, California. He is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology/ Pain Medicine. He is a member of the California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery, the American Association of Disability Evaluating Physicians, the North American Spine Association, the International Association of the Study of Pain, the International Spinal Injection Society, the North American Neuromodulation Society, and the American Society of Intervention Pain Physicians.

Dr. Shaw’s specialty is pain management, and he is published in this field. Additionally, he has served as an adjunct clinical faculty member with the Stanford Pain Clinic.

“Dr. Shaw brings a new level of expertise in pain management to Imperial Valley, and we look forward to his long association with our Occupational Health Center,” said Richard L. Mendoza, Chief Executive Officer, Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District.

The human body has an almost magical ability to heal itself. But every now and then, it needs some specialized help. That’s where we come in. At Pioneers Memorial Hospital’s new Physical Therapy Center, we not only help patients recover from illness, injury or surgery, we set the standard for rehabilitation in the Imperial Valley and beyond.  We see patients across the lifespan.

For starters, we’re adept at healing all kinds of injuries for all kinds of patients, from pediatric through adult. We have dedicated therapists for virtually every specialty.  Services include but not limited to:  post-op recovery, aquatic physical therapy, pediatric therapy, wound care, return to work, sports, functional capacity evaluations, and physical job requirement evaluation.

The fact that our Center is located conveniently across the street from Pioneers Memorial Hospital is another advantage for our patients. Stroke patients, for instance, have access to a variety of on-site specialists in the event a crisis occurs. It’s also easier to do swallow studies on dysphasia patients because radiologists and speech therapists work down the hall from one another, not in another community.

Within our inpatient unit, our team of certified physical therapists and nurses is committed to excellence. They’re equipped with the knowledge and equipment to treat everything from strokes to bone fractures to head injuries.

One of new features of the facility is the indoor aquatic therapy pool, which is the only indoor therapy pool in Imperial Valley. The SwimEx pool is the leading choice for state of the art rehabilitation centers. The paddlewheel propulsion produces controllable resistance in the pool, with an adjustable current.  This adjustment water flow is excellent for patients with back problems, as well as those who require water therapy due to hip replacement surgery.  The pool is maintained between 88 – 96 degrees F.  A hydraulic chair is available to assist clients in and out of the pool which has adjustable depths of 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet.  The pool has 8 built-in workstations to customize each patient’s treatment session.

The pool is in a separate room from the physical therapy area to offer greater privacy during the therapy session.  Private changing area with lockers for street clothes is provided.


Utilities to collaborate on transmission planning project for renewable energy

The Imperial Irrigation District and Southern California Edison have agreed to initiate joint planning studies of an existing transmission corridor in Southeastern California that could significantly boost the transfer capability of renewable energy under development in the resource-rich Imperial Valley.

The joint planning project, which is contingent on further study by both utilities and the approval of the California Independent System Operator, centers on Path 42, a 35-mile-long 230-kV transmission line that interconnects the IID and SCE systems. The ultimate goal of the joint planning project would be to deliver new renewable resources in the IID service area to CAISO via the Devers substation owned by SCE.

The current Path 42 configuration can deliver up to 700 megawatts, but IID recently declared an “open season” for renewable generators interested in accessing new capacity on the line if upgrades are performed that would expand its transfer capability to 1,700 megawatts. IID owns approximately 20 miles of the existing transmission line, while SCE owns roughly 15 miles.

Brian Brady, IID general manager, said the utilities are in the process of establishing the feasibility of a prospective joint project, but that there are clear benefits to be derived by the ratepayers of both agencies.   “The next step,” Brady said, “will be for both agencies to do the requisite due diligence, compare notes and decide whether it makes sense to proceed. For now, we are pleased to be working with Southern California Edison in exploring the long-term viability of such a project.”

Landscaping to Minimize Risk
IID Conveys Important Message about Safety and Reliability

Imperial Irrigation District (IID) is encouraging customers to consider safety and reliability when landscaping around electrical boxes, also known as padmount transformers and switchgear.  Quietly operating 24 hours a day, these electrical boxes house high-voltage electrical equipment that could pose a safety risk if treated or handled inappropriately.  Blocking access to or disguising these facilities can cause neighborhood outages or delay the outage restoration process.

“IID crews have encountered an increasing number of challenges when locating and accessing equipment in several gated communities due to landscaping vegetation and materials placed on or around these facilities,” stated Carlton King, Assistant Manager of the IID Energy Department.

“When we encounter clearance issues, we must immediately clear the area to gain access to equipment and adhere to state regulations,” continued King.  “To prevent this, we recommend that shrubbery be planted no closer than three feet from the sides and rear of the box and no closer than 10 feet in front to allow access to the equipment inside.” To advise customers about appropriate landscaping options and clearance directives, IID has stepped up efforts to inform property owners, homeowner associations and city officials in the Coachella and Imperial valleys.

“We understand the importance of aesthetics to property owners, particularly in this area, and we are exploring alternatives to help balance the needs of the utility and the homeowner alike,” stated King.  “By following these simple guidelines, IID can restore power as quickly as possible to you and your neighbors.”

Before starting any landscaping project, it is important to identify underground hazards that may exist on the property. To do so, customers are encouraged to call the Underground Service Alert, toll free, at 8-1-1 two working days before beginning a project. As a free service to customers, experts will locate electric, gas, telephone, water and sewer lines on the property.

Customers interested in more information about landscaping around electrical facilities are encouraged to visit

Directors rescind 2009 supply/demand imbalance
(From Ditchbank Oct 2009)

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors unanimously voted to cancel the 2009 supply/demand imbalance during its Sept. 22 regular meeting.By terminating the SDI declaration, the associated 2009 apportionments (including the 5.25 acre-feet-per-acre apportionment for agricultural lands) are no longer in effect for the 2009 water year.Under equitable distribution, the district tracks actual supply and demand during the SDI water year.

As per regulations, if the IID’s cumulative consumptive use through June is less than 1,575,000 acre-feet, the district may terminate the SDI declaration for that year. As of June 30, IID’s water use was 1,390,127 acre-feet.

Projected underuse
The reasoning behind the decision to rescind the 2009 SDI included the Bureau of Reclamation’s projection of IID’s underuse of Colorado River water to be over 195,000 acre-feet at the time.Termination of the 2009 SDI declaration is not anticipated to impact water sales because of the underuse projection, and, there would have been water available in the district water exchange.

No SDI for water year 2010
Directors were also told that the probability of a supply/demand imbalance in year 2010 is less than 50 percent and, therefore, consideration of an SDI declaration for 2010 is not necessary.

Under the regulations for equitable distribution, an SDI declaration “must be made on or before Oct. 1 and can be withdrawn on or before Dec. 31.”Regulations call for the IID to track actual supply and demand during each water year and, based on staff estimates, determine whether the probability of total demand exceeding its Colorado water supply is greater than 50 percent.

Water cards
Directors also approved implementation of a Nov. 15, 2009, deadline for the completion and submittal of each field’s new water card. After this date, fields without the requisite water card will be limited to a single irrigation event until an acceptable new water card has been submitted.

Any extenuating circumstances should be brought to the attention of the water manager in a timely manner for prompt consideration.

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