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December 11



It was reported, that someone has broken into the caller’s trailer during the night, the windows were found pried opened, it was unknown what was stolen or what the motive was, the situation was handled.



It was reported, that a subject was caught trying to steal a few items from her yard, the subject fled the scene as soon as he noticed he was being watched,  the caller was advised of his/her options.
December 12



It was reported, that the caller’s tool box was stolen from his truck, along with his tool box a set of orange jumper cables, the caller did state that he did leave his vehicle unlocked, a report was taken.



It was reported, that a male subject is riding his quad up and down the alleys picking up a lot of dust and making too much noise, he was contacted and asked to park his quad, he complied.



December 13



It was reported that the caller had apparently caught his 12 year old boy trying to leave his home in the middle of the night, the young man was contacted and counseled, he was also warned about the curfew that is instated for minors, and the young boy complied.



It was reported, that a home down the street is playing music very loud, the caller cannot get any sleep, the caller did ask them to turn it down but nothing came from it, an officer arrived and asked that the music be turned down, the party complied.



December 14



It was reported, that the caller’s step father is having an argument with his family and is now throwing things around and outside, when contacted it was found that he was just cleaning by moving things around and throwing things out to the trash.



It was reported, that the caller’s boyfriend damaged the caller’s Honda, the passenger door and window were damaged, when the officer arrived the male subject stated that he pay for the damages.



December 15



It was reported, that the caller’s ex-boyfriend is at her home and she does not want him there, she then explained that she was at the neighbors, and is afraid of being hit, the situation handled, she was advised to get a restraining order against her ex.



It was reported from, that the caller caught a few thieves trying to break into his car, they managed to open the passenger door, nothing was taken, the caller is just concerned that they may strike again, extra patrol was granted.



December 16



It was reported, that the caller came home to find her back gate opened, the caller added that it was dark and she was afraid someone may have been there, after a perimeter check no signs of anyone was found.



EL Centro



December 11



It was reported, that the caller has heard what he thinks are children screaming around the neighborhood, the caller didn’t see the kids nor did he know if they were just playing around, the area was checked, the children were not found in the area, the caller was advised to call back should they return.



It was reported, that a blue vehicle has almost rear ended the caller’s vehicle twice, the caller also stated that the orange vehicle was also running stop signs, the vehicle was not found, the caller was advised of her options.



It was reported, that a couple were having an argument, the caller believes this domestic issue will only escalade into something stronger, both subjects were contacted, the male half will leave for the night.
December 12



It was reported, that the caller is being kept awake by a group of people who are hanging out late by their porch, though he has asked to keep it down, they refused to, an officer was able to make contact with the group, they quieted down and complied to call it a night.



It was reported, that a subject was throwing rocks around the area, the subject then threw a rock at the caller’s residence, though the residence was not damaged, the caller still wanted him to be counseled, the unknown subject was not found in the area, the caller was advised of his options.



It was reported, that a group of females were  out in the locale, when they suddenly turned on each other and started having a physical fight, the caller stated that none of them seemed to be seriously injured, the caller was advised to call back should they return.



December 13



It was reported that a black Ford  truck is circling the area as if searching for someone or something the subjects inside the vehicle kept inspecting things the vehicle was not found the caller was advised to call back should he return.



It was reported, that the caller has noticed a husband and wife couple having an intense argument, the caller did not state what the argument was about, the subjects were contacted, he situation was handled.



December 14



It was reported, blue SUV is driving recklessly, passing stop signs and burning rubber, the caller tried to get him to stop but he ignored him,  the caller is also worried about the kids nearby, the subject was not caught.



It was reported, that the caller’s son is being aggressive and irate, after having an intense argument over him violating his curfew, the young man was contacted and counseled, the caller was advised of her options and to call again should it happen again.



December 15



It was reported that the caller’s next-door neighbors are playing their music very loudly, after a few demands from the caller they finally complied when an officer asked them to keep it down or shut it down, the neighbors will be keeping it quiet.



It was reported that a small dog was spotted on school grounds, though it didn’t appear to have an interest in the children, the dog was still removed from school grounds, the dog owner was advised to keep it secure.






December 11



It was reported, that a tool shed was broken into, though nothing was taken the caller is disturbed that strangers were on his property, the caller was advised on his options and stated to call back should he notice any suspicious situations happening in his backyard.



It was reported, that two large dogs were in the area stalking the mail man, the caller stated that they are scaring the mail man and consistently barking at him, the dogs did eventually leave and the mail man was able to distribute his mail, the caller was advised of his options.
December 12



It was reported, that the same possible thief’s have stricken a few houses down from their first target, this time they not only broken in, but they managed to walk off with a ladder and a box of tools, it is believed that they used bolt cutters to cut the pad lock off, the caller was advised of his options.



It was reported, that someone has taken  a tagging with a marker from a table to a bench, the caller stated that he saw a young man tagging a bench with a black thick sharpie marker, though the young man was not there when an officer arrived, the caller was advised to call back should he return.



December 13



It was reported, that 5 young teenagers were in the area, the caller stated that they were getting into a large brawl that spilled on the street, they soon fled the area after a few minutes, the officers were not able to find any subjects in the area, the caller was advised.



It was reported, that an unknown vehicle had stricken the caller’s Volvo sometime last night, the caller stated that the vehicle whom crashed his vehicle had driven off at a high rate of speed, there were no witnesses, the caller was advised of his options.



December 14



It was reported, that the caller’s vehicle was broken into, the caller believes it was his younger brother who might have be the suspect in this case, the caller admitted to having the vehicle unlocked sometime last night, the suspect took off with a CD faceplate worth up to $100.00 dollars, a report was taken of the incident, the caller was advised.



It was reported, that the caller’s rear sliding door to his residence was shattered sometime last night, though it is believed that whoever shattered the door was trying to break in, the subject was not seen leaving the residence or the area, the caller was advised of her options.



It was reported, that a subject was seen throwing rocks at the business locale, the caller was there cleaning in his job when he then began to worry that he might start trying to strike the vehicles with bottles and rocks, the subject was gone before an officer arrived.



December 15



It was reported, that 3 subjects have jumped onto and from the caller’s backyard over its chain linked fence, the subjects appeared to be taking some sort of short cut, the caller was advised to call back should they return



It was reported, that the caller’s ex-girlfriend’s son keeps bothering the caller, and harassing him, the caller just wanted to know if there was such thing as putting a restraining order on children, the man was advised on his options.






December 11



It was reported, that a male subject was standing in the middle of the street waving a broken glass bottle around, the caller feared for his safety due to the traffic, the subject was gone before the officers arrived in the area, the caller was advised of his options.



It was reported, that the caller’s neighbors are playing their music extremely loud, the caller stated that they are outside working on a vehicle, drinking lightly and listening to loud rock music, an officer was able to contact the subjects and have them turn the music down.



It was reported,, that the caller’s window on the front of the residence was shattered with a  baseball bat, the damages were estimated to be up to $200 dollars, though the suspect whom was behind this was not found, the caller was advised of his options.
December 12



It was reported, that an unknown subject broke into his vehicle, the subject ran off with a handful of Cds and a remote for his stereo, a report was taken, the items were not retrieved, the caller was advised of his options.



It was reported, that 2 male subjects were parked across the street, the only problem is that they kept a close eye on the caller’s locale, as if looking for something of value, the subjects were contacted and sent on their way, the caller was advised of their options.



December 13



It was reported, that the caller’s daughter is on location causing trouble with the family, she was determined to be under the influence of alcohol, the situation was handled , the young woman was escorted off the premises by an officer with a warning to not return.



It was reported, that the caller has ran into his ex-friend whom she had an argument with, the caller is willingly trying to avoid this man but he keeps coming around, the caller was advised to get a restraining order along with a few other suggestions.



December 14



It was reported that an unknown subject keeps ringing the door bell, he then leaves out of sight when the door is opened, the caller is tired of this and would like for the subject to be contacted, the subject was not found.



It was reported, that an unknown subject has vandalized his vehicle, the passenger rear side window was broken, nothing seemed to be missing from the vehicle, a report was taken, the caller was advised of his options.


December 15



It was reported, that the caller wants his husband to leave, the subject is causing problems for her, the subject also is under the influence, after a dispute the husband complied to stay away for the night.



It was reported, that a large Rottweiler and Pit bull are on the prowl, the two large k-9’s  are on the street and going thru alleys scavenging, the caller was scared that they might turn on  the children playing in the area, the two dogs were captured by animal control and taken to the pound.



It was reported, that the caller’s neighbor keeps flooding their yard, when contacted, the elderly neighbor stated that she did not turn on the water, she stated that someone must be turning on the water, the caller and the neighbor were advised.


cash(StatePoint)  It’s easy to shop for, makes a great last-minute present and fits in your pocket. Best of all, everybody is happy receiving it.
  Cash is the perfect gift, and most consumers dream of getting green for the holidays, according to a new survey by Western Union. A clear majority (56 percent) would rather receive $100 in cash than either a gift card from a store or a present of equal value. 
  “This year, more people are looking hard at their budgets and are hoping to receive cash as gifts or choosing to give money,” said Jorge Consuegra, senior vice president, U.S. product management for Western Union. “More Americans are opting to give cash gifts, as they feel it helps them stick to budgets and keeps them in better control of their finances than relying on credit cards.”
  Of those respondents who would prefer receiving cash, 45 percent said they would likely apply it toward basic necessities like gasoline and groceries. That is more than double the number who would spend it on treats and three times those who would save or invest this “found money.”
  In this economy people tend to not spend money on extravagances, even when money comes to them unexpectedly, say experts. This season it’s all about staying on top of everyday family living expenses.  And as far as sending gifts, many consumers consider the extra cost to wrap and ship gifts to be too expensive.
  To help facilitate long-distance, gift giving needs, Western Union has launched “$50 for $5,” a U.S. holiday promotion. This promotion enables consumers to send up to $50 to loved ones in the U.S. for a $5 fee through December 26, 2009.
  “With so many people pressed for time and a majority of consumers having someone close to them who need that little bit extra to help on their daily expenses, using a money transfer service can make you a hero. The cash is available fast and you can track its receipt,” stressed Consuegra. 
  Consumers looking to send money via Western Union can visit any of the more than 45,000 participating locations in the United States or can log onto to send the gift of cash this holiday season.
  Although many people surveyed prefer cash over a specific gift, this holiday season has yielded some surprises. Think older people cling to the nostalgia of unwrapping gifts while the younger generation prefers to take the money and run?
  Think again. According to the new surveys, Americans aged 18 to 24 are the most likely to prefer receiving a specific present over cash or a gift card, while those 65 and older are the least likely.
  The new surveys were conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media, polling 1,004 people 18 years old and older this past October.


Laura Fischer Talks About The City And The Future

By: Luke Phillips
  The Holtville Tribune recently sat down with Holtville City Manager Laura Fischer to discuss the city’s accomplishments in 2009 and what the city is looking forward to in 2010. This is part 1 of a 2 part series:

TRIBUNE: What was the city’s biggest accomplishment in the past year?

LAURA FISCHER: I think it would be our water treatment plant. That whole project. It took about two years to get all the financing together and to actually get the engineering all done and certified by USDA, bonds issued and the construction going. It should be completed in April or May. But it has the biggest impact on the community because this is the largest capital improvement project we’ve had here in 20 years as far as city-wide infrastructure.
   And what it really does is improve the quality of our water. And the capacity. Because when we built the plant we only had one water tank and it’s 1.5 million gallons. We were not able to take it out of services at all so we’ve been continually using it for close to 20 years. So by adding this additional tank, which is a 2.5 million gallon tank, we add capacity, but we also add the ability to take down that old tank and refurbish it.
   That project also includes the lining of two of the three raw water ponds. And since I’ve been here, in four years, we’ve really only had one pond in service the whole time because they’ve just been dirt lined and the turbidity just turned up so much dirt that our plant wasn’t able to keep up with keeping it clean and the filtering of it. So we were just streamlining the water right through, through one pond and into the plant. And our storage of raw water was reduced considerably. So our guys now have two ponds fully cleaned and lined and we’re working on the third one. So they’re excited. They’ve never had three ponds in service for many years, so that’s great.
   The final phase on that project is to replace a leaking line that runs under the Orchard Road bridge. That water line takes services out to the county residents, but it’s leaking and it’s in such an awkward place that staff isn’t able to fix it because it’s kind of over the Alamo River and under a bridge. So that’s part of the improvement project too. I would say that is our biggest accomplishment. Even though the project isn’t finished in this calendar year, it will be in fiscal year 9/10. And that was a long project.
   The most important and the most exciting thing about that project is we have million dollars in grant. So although this is a $5 million dollar project, a million of it is grant funds. So that was wonderful. And then the timing of issuing those bonds was really great because it was right before the bond market got really tight, yet it was when the interest rates were falling, so our interest rates on those bonds are really great as well. That was really a good deal.

TRIBUNE: What priorities will you focus on next year and what do you hope to achieve?

LAURA FISCHER: Council always sets our priorities and they always set what the community’s focus should be. As far as accomplishments that people can see and feel, in our capital projects, they’re going to be taking a look at that again in January to kind of go through that list of what they want to do and how they want to prioritize it. But as far as capital projects, I can tell you that building the public safety building is probably their number one priority. That is something that they are moving forward with quickly and I certainly believe at this point that’s their goal, to get a public safety building over in the corner of Sixth and Pine.
   If your asking about economics, of course increasing our revenues is always key, but if we’re focusing on improvements and capital projects, that would be number one.

TRIBUNE: What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Holtville in the next year? How will you tackle it?

LAURA FISCHER:  I think the biggest challenge to any community right now is the economic situation with the State of California, with the predictions of the Governor that they’re going to be – I’m not sure what the latest number is – $42 billion or $37 billion in deficit. By February I’ve heard they may not even be able to pay their bills. They may start issuing vouchers again.
   So how that impacts our community is going to be huge – how we’re going to face that or how we’re going to survive through that economic depression and downturn. We just need to make sure we tighten our belts and make sure what we’re doing is the best use and the most prudent use of our city and our taxpayers’ money. We need to make sure we secure the city and protect the city’s rights and assets and keep our expenses as low as possible.
   One thing that council has told me, and has made clear in our public meetings, is that our employees are valued as our largest resource here in the city. And we look at reducing any staff or any kind of impact to our staff as our last resort in balancing our budget. I think that’s important. I know that’s always some of the things that are looked at closely and at this point we hope that would be a last resort for us. That’s our biggest challenge.


State Libraries Look At Improving Internet Access

libraryThe California State Library assembled nearly 200 public library leaders, community supporters, broadband providers, and local and state leaders for California ’s Opportunity Online Broadband Summit, on December 14 -15, 2009, in Sacramento to discuss how to improve and sustain quality Internet access in California public libraries.
  The California Opportunity Online Broadband Summit highlighted the importance of community partnerships and the opportunities that technology can provide. Summit participants brainstormed and discussed possible solutions and action steps to upgrade and sustain broadband connectivity in California public libraries to meet patron demand.
  Currently, 31 California public library systems lack Internet connections fast enough to meet the basic needs of patrons. Many more report speeds that are inadequate to meet the true demand of their community.
  The California summit was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of its pilot Opportunity Online broadband grant program. California, along with six other states, was invited to participate. The grant program supports public libraries as they seek to improve their broadband connectivity and calls for a broadband sustainability strategy, to be developed by the California State Library, to ensure that public libraries continue to improve and maintain adequate connectivity for patrons. The summit included a comprehensive analysis of California ’s current broadband climate and the future of technology access in California public libraries. Graham Richard, former mayor of Fort Wayne , Indiana and partner of public libraries, highlighted the importance of public and private partnerships on the local and state level to prioritize funding for improved connectivity in public libraries. State and library leaders from across California addressed the status of connectivity in the state. Speakers included: Linda Crowe, executive director of the Pacific Library Partnership; California Public Utilities Commissioner Rachelle Chong; Sunne McPeak, president and chief executive officer of the California Emerging Technology Fund; Teri Takai, chief information officer for the state; and California ’s secretary of education Glen Thomas. Technology futurist Tim O’Reilly reflected on the future of technology in libraries. 
 Stacey Aldrich, California ’s newly named state librarian, led the summit and represented the California State Library. 
  “ California ’s public libraries are blazing a trail for those Californians who lack adequate access to high-speed Internet,” Aldrich said. “Today’s public libraries continue to provide traditional services, but a growing number of patrons depend on library Internet access to apply for jobs, further their education, run businesses, or stay connected with families and friends. This summit and grant program will help California public libraries meet these increasing personal and community needs better by improving library connection speeds.”

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