From the daily archives: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By Mario Conde

The Calexico Unified School District approved the District Facilities Action Plan to assist in improvement projects for the District.

In a meeting held November 19th the board voted 4-1 to approve the District Action plan having Board Member Gloria Romo opposing the item since, according to her, there is no justification to hire three consultants for this plan. The board approved to hire WLC Architects Inc. and their services will include assessments of district facilities, district loading standards, school site master plans, funding source analyst, future school site analysis, and final documentation preparation. The recommendation to hire these consultants came after city staff presented the needs assessments for the district facilities.

The board also hired Desert School Consultants LLC and Javier Dias Associates and both will be paid $100/hr. Romo says that the hiring of these three consultants are unnecessary since the district will be spending money on consultants that the District does not have. She also questioned why there wasn’t a bid process to select other firm who could participate as well.

Board Member Romo further questioned as to why her and Ruben De La Rosa who were appointed to the Facilities Committee by the Education Board were not invited to be part of the interview process. Romo said that he and De La Rosa have invested many hours working on this committee and said it was disrespectful not have them included in this process. Romo was appointed in February as the board facilities liaison to accompany former Superintendent Groesbeck or a facilities person to represent the District at the Office of Public School Construction or School Allocations Board in Sacramento to tell them the needs of the District.

Superintendent Luna said that she did not intend to disrespect her in any way on the work she has done on the District Facilities Sub-Committee. Luna said that she and her staff have been working diligently and following direction of the board. Board member Michael Castillo made a motion to dissolve the Facilities Advisory Sub-Committee and in the new District Facilities Action Plan to have the appropriate 7-11 legal committee to guide the board and have two board members included in that group. The group will be composed of community and district staff members to provide input on school facilities needs and school surplus properties, excess or lack of properties. Their first task will be to analyze the property on HWY 98 and Kloke next to Willie Moreno Junior High.

Romo will continue to be the liaison for this new District Facilities Action Plan Committee.


By Mario Conde

Loera_Pose4_8x10smallThe County Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday to have the Sheriff Department take over law enforcement duties for five years in the City of Holtville.

The County Supervisors tabled the item one week ago since the County Auditor did not include the equipment expenses that would add $55,000 to the $955,198.00 that was original budgeted for this agreement. County Executive Officer Ralph Cordova said last week that by not including the equipment expenses the agreement would not be cost neutral and will have negative effects to both parties.

The Board decided to table the item with direction to have the City Manager and the City of Holtville deliberate on the new deal. Both parties agreed on Tuesday that the new amount $975,874 that will pay for five deputies, 1 sergeant, and one dispatcher. Dispatching duties were done in Calexico and will now be moved to the Sheriff Department starting next year. Overtime will be compensated at actual cost. Cost for any additional county personnel will be billed for at fully burdened hourly rate. County shall furnish all necessary equipment; the City of Holtville shall furnish office space and necessary associated services. The board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve this item that will run from January 2010 to January 2015 with an option of terminating the contract the first year.

City Manager Laura Fischer and Councilmember Jerry Bristten thanked the County Board of Supervisors for approving the contract and for helping the City.

In other County items, the board approved a grant agreement with the National Association of County & City Health Official for integrating climate change and public health programs as local Health Departments.

County Public Health Director Robin Hodgkin informed that he County received a sub-award grant of $47,071 from the National Association of County and City Health department. The County of Imperial was one of the counties in the nation to be part of this demonstration project. The purpose, Hodgkin Said, is for her department to work towards increasing the level of coordination and communication addressing and analyzing the public health consequences of climate change.

The Board also approved the purchase of vehicle to be used for search and rescue I the dunes area and outlying desert areas when BLM EMS services are not available. The board approved the purchase of one Ford F-150 4×4 rescue truck. The cost purchase for this vehicle will not exceed $10,000.


By Mario Conde

marriage-2El Centro California-The County Board of Supervisors decided to intervene on behalf of the voters of Imperial Valley in a federal lawsuit that is trying to overturn proposition 8.

The Board of Supervisors met early in their meeting on closed session to discuss two last minute items that was brought to them. When the board came out of closed session County Counsel Michael Rood informed the public the board decided to take action to intervene in the case of Perry v. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The County of Imperial, according to Rood, will be done in order to represent the voters of the Imperial Valley who overwhelmingly supported to define marriage as the union between a man and a woman.

Supervisor Wally Leimgruber, Fuentes, and Terrazas voting in favor to intervene and Supervisor Wyatt and Kelley voted against it.

County Board Chairman and District 5 representative Wally Leimgruber said that the board decided to get involve representing the voters of Imperial Valley who voted 69% in favor of this proposition. Leimgrubers said the County was approached by a law firm who asked them if they wanted to get involved since they looked at the valley’s high voting in favor of the measure. The Chairman said that they had to act fast since federal judge Vaughn Walker set January 11, 2010 as the date when he will open a federal trial to decide whether or not proposition 8 is unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution.

Proposition 8 was passed by California voters on November 2008 to keep marriage defined as the union between a man and a woman. The measure was challenged at the State court which upheld the decision of the voters. Gay marriage backers argued in Perry v. Schwarzenegger that Proposition 8, the voter-approved measure that repealed gay marriage in California, “was only made on the grounds of animus towards same-sex couples.”

This situation comes after Washington D.C. approved marriage between same-sex couples this Tuesday.




Open to All
Saturday, December 19, 2009
8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Imperial Valley Expo
North End Parking Lot
200 East Second Street, Imperial, CA
This clinic will have the 2009 H1N1
vaccine available for all individuals
interested in receiving the vaccine.
Booster shots will be available for children
who need the second dose of the H1N1
Please wear a short sleeve shirt for convenience of administering the flu
shot at this clinic. There will be no cost for those attending this vaccination
[This clinic was previously announced for the high risk and
has since been opened to all individuals in Imperial County.]
This is a drive-thru clinic. Individuals getting the H1N1 flu shot at this clinic need
to arrive in a vehicle and be able to drive through the designated clinic area.
For more information about the drive-thru flu clinic please contact the Imperial
County Flu Prevention Hotline at (760) 482-4968.




Abierta Para Todos
Sábado 19 de diciembre, 2009
8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Imperial Valley Expo
Estacionamiento norte
200 East Second Street, Imperial, CA
Esta campaña ofrecerá la vacuna
contra H1N1 a todas las personas
interesadas en recibir la vacuna.
La inyección de refuerzo estará disponible
para niños que necesiten la segunda dosis
de la vacuna H1N1.
Favor de usar camisa de manga corta para poder atenderle de mejor
manera. No se cobrara la vacuna en este evento.
[Este evento fue anunciado previamente para personas de alto riesgo pero se abrió a
toda persona del Condado Imperial interesada en recibir la vacuna.]
Este será un evento por servicio vehicular. Las personas que acudan al evento
deberán llegar en un auto y poder manejar dentro del área designada. Para
mayores informes favor de comunicarse a la Línea de Información de
Prevención de la gripe del Condado Imperial al (760) 482-4968.

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