In Other Words

Playing the game well in Calexico; Another El Centro first?; Skateboards and Councils

WE HAVE TO HAND IT TO LOUIS FUENTES for his knowledge of how to get ahead in political circles and his use of

that knowledge when the opportunity came up.

As Calexico Mayor he attended several conferences where he was able to get close enough to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for him to remember his name.

At the time I thought it was brazen egotism, but he proved

that in politics its who you know that counts. Schwarzenegger appointed Fuentes as the new County Supervisor of the district which takes in Calexico.

That’s a plumb that’s worth over $48,000 in salary alone and could open up other possibilities for the “kid from Calexico.” After all, he’s only 34 years old. He could go a lot further, depending on what his ambitions are. Meanwhile, we hope he loosens up on his conservative approach to politics. This is a time for creative thinking.

The county Board already has too many people protecting

the status quo. We need somebody interested in moving

forward with a lot more flare than has been shown by the board as a group in the past.

Victor Carrillo provided a voice for progress. We hope Fuentes will at least do some of that. We wish him the best of luck in his new position now and in the


EL CENTRO GOT THE DUBIOUS DISTINCTION of being placed on a another top ten list. This time for having more ozone in its atmosphere than most of the cities in the country.

Unfortunately, there is no bubble over the city to keep the fumes in place and it spreads throughout Imperial County. Have a headache after going to El Centro? It may not be caused by the traffic or the incredibly deteriorated roads.

This is a city that put a lot of effort into commercial development, but needs to do something about quality of life issues. Being able to breathe normally would be high on the quality of life list.

so would driving down a road without losing the springs on

your car. The city has started fixing up some of its roads. Perhaps it can start looking into air pollution

control. We’ll all breathe a lot easier if they do.

SKATEBOARDS AND A PARK TO DO TRICKS IN HAS caused a good deal of concern for at least two members of the Holtville City Council.

They were opposed to building a skateboard park with jumps and ramps on Samaha Field where the tennis courts are currently located, even though the rest of the council voted to get some proposals together. Apparently Colleen Ludwig and Jerry Brittsan think it will be too noisy for the people living in the area. They live across from a park that has softball, baseball and football facilities. It also has a swimming pool that is in use all summer. I would think the residents would be used to noise from children in the area by now.

The skateboarders want a park. The city wants to build one. There is money available. It’s time to move forward. This issue has been around Holtville since the early nineties. It’s time to bring this to closure. They

should get it built now.

Even ex-officio council member Pete Mellinger likes the idea and said so at the last meeting. The council will be looking for more input from residents of the area and anyone else who wishes to express himself at the next meeting.

That’s scheduled for November 23rd. See you there?

THE BRAWLEY CATTLE CALL IS WELL UNDER WAY and headed to the big parade and rodeo weekend.

Get out your hats and boots and head over for one of the biggest spectacles of the year – the Cattle Call Parade. It will give you a lot of relief from whatever troubles

you have these days and its free.

Two hours of solid entertainment on what should be a warm, sunny day. Who could ask for anything better? Then, of course, there is the rodeo which attracts riders from

all over north America competing for top honors in all the most popular rodeo events.

If you want to have a great time in a family atmosphere that provides excitement, thrills, spills and hoof pounding action, this is the place to be.

There will be three sessions once again – two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Afterward you can read all about

the results in our Cattle Call Souvenir Issue that we have been publishing since 1993. We’ll capture as much of the Cattle Call magic as we can in one issue.

See you