Fuentes sworn in as new county supervisor from Calexico

By Mario Conde

Three years after being elected to the Calexico City Council, Louis Fuentes became the new Calexico County Supervisor.

In a ceremony held Tuesday at the County administration building Fuentes was sworn in as the new County Supervisor. He replaces Victor Carrillo as Calexico’s representative at the County level. Fuentes was elected to the Calexico City Council in 2006 in his first ever run for public office and served as Mayor for fiscal year 2008. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him to the County because of his extensive business and economic development credentials.

Fuentes and Governor Schwarzenegger met in 2007 at the Border Governors Conference that was held in Hollywood, California. Since then, both have met three times in events all around the State giving him an advantage over the other applicants.

Fuentes said Tuesday that this was a very special day for him and was honored to be part of the Imperial Valley County Board of Supervisors. He thanked his wife nfor being a good partner and for all of her support during his years as a public servant. He also thanked his parents for giving him the values and guidance he has used through his life.

Finally, he thanked the Governor for giving him his trust and said he will work hard to prove to the Governor’s office that they picked the right person for the job.

When asked by the Calexico Chronicle about his role to support economic development for Calexico, Supervisor Fuentes said he would work with his colleagues to impact the Imperial Valley region in a positive way. He said that he will work to see how the new port of entry that will begin construction in 2011 can be used to benefit the Calexico area. Fuentes was asked about the new SIAVE program that the Mexican government will use to stop illegal weapons from entering Mexico.

Fuentes said that now this side of the border will suffer long border waits like those people going to cross

to the U.S. and said that he will meet with Homeland Security officials to analyze the possibility of having most of the traffic going to Mexico going through the new port. Fuentes’ term as supervisor ends in December, 2010. But said he might run for re-election next year.