Baja California is Second Place in Crime and Violence

By Mario Conde

Baja California is second place in crime and violence in Mexico according to a study made by the Center of Investigation for Development.

The State of Baja California was named second place in crime at the national level thanks to information gathered from the Federal National Security System. The State even tops other high criminal states such as Mexico City and Sinaloa. Chihuahua was named the number one criminal State in Mexico.

Baja California is the national leader in auto theft since the State has 18.9 cars stolen everyday for every one thousand people. Mexico City has only 5.8 cars stolen every day, according to the study. The safest states in the nation according to the group are Yucatan, Hidalgo, and San Luis Potosi.

The study also says that one in every three vehicles stolen in all of Mexico in 2008 where stolen in Baja California. The State of Chihuahua is the only State categorized as “Very High” in terms of criminal activity.

In terms of homicides, for every one hundred thousand people Chihuahua has 47.1% and Baja California has 20.5. In terms of executions for every 100,000 people, Baja California holds the fourth place in the nation with 10.5 but Chihuahua registers itself in first with 31.1 and in second is Durango.

The investigation says that even where there have been significant victories against organized crime, the number of executions has multiplied; the sense of vulnerability is stronger than ever. The study also criticizes their legislative representatives for incremental penal laws but not doing enough to implement strategies for capturing criminals.

The recommendations made in the study are to develop a criminology policy for every type of crime and improve police intelligence and focus more on prevention methods.

Richard Cabeza
Mario, So what you are saying is that 60,000 cars per day are stolen in Baja. nearly 22,000,000 every year? Are you sure? sounds compleatly unfounded to me. I can find no data to support your claims. As one of the 14,000 americans that live in the rosarito area we… Read more »
Stephan Erkelens
Mr. Conde – we would like to get a better understanding of the context and origin for your article as well as the labelling areas as “criminal states”. Can you provide reference to the source as well as clarify who you meant by: 1.) Center of Investigation for Development 2.)… Read more »
Kelina Nielson

How nice of you to generalize Baja California as a whole when the crime you speak of is concentrated mainly at the borders, pinpointing to Tijuana. Baja California Sur, and specifically Los Cabos, still remains a safe place to live or visit.


interesting data. I try to track info such as this. Could you please give me a hyperlink to the source data, or send me a .pdf file from the organization? muchas gracias.