BUHS Chili Is the Hottest With the Judges

Steve Larson

In Other Words

It’s A Fantastic Week In The Sun!

InOtherWords copyIF YOU MISSED THIS YEAR’S BRAWLEY CATTLE CALL, then you missed out on  one of the Valley’s premiere events.
Where else can you get 10 big days  of  food, music, western culture and rodeo too?
Cattle Call gives the Northend of the Imperial Valley the opportunity to show off and it gives would-be cowboys from everywhere a chance to put on their western duds and get down.
STARTING WITH THE CHILI COOK-OFF where Pioneers’ Memorial Hospital has become the perennial favorite for the People’s Choice Award, you can see folks loosen up and kick back from their day to day routines.
What else could you ask for?
We’ve brought you a pictorial and editorial review of this year’s Cattle Call that we hope will give you some lasting memories.
All brought to you by the good advertisers you will find herein.
Give them your support, because they keep their communities prospering.
THE WEEKDAY EVENINGS HAD SOMETHING GOOD GOING ON, which meant, of course, good food, good drink and good people. Some folks think this type of civic pageant isn’t what it used to be. But we say it’s as good as ever. The crowds were bigger on Sunday for the Fiesta Cultura and people were lining up for chili right up until the last booth ran out.
Participation is up in most events and attendance is up too. If you want the buy of the century, go to the rodeo. Where else can you get thrills, spills, pageantry, comedy and spectacle for one low admission price.
If you aren’t particular where you sit, it’s cheaper still. And you know the cowboys always give their best, because if they don’t, they go home broke. That means both bent-up and flat-walleted.
WHAT CAN WE  SAY ABOUT THE MOST SPECTACULAR PARADE? It was the greatest. And the biggest too. With almost 120 entries, at least 12 marching bands, fabulous floats, fabulous beauty queens and fabulous horses, it was also the best buy in the Valley.
You got two hours of entertainment for free. In these times when everybody says the economy is a little slow, two hours of free entertainment is the best buy in the west.
We hope you enjoy this issue and if you have any suggestions  on how to improve it, let us know. We like to be hospitable.
I took in more events this year than I have in the past because I didn’t have to do as much of the legwork to get stories and photos. That’s because our crew at the I.V. Weekly was diligent in their duties for a whole week.
THIS YEAR’S CATTLE CALL SOUVENIR EDITION was brought to you by the people at the Imperial Valley Weekly – Brenda Torres, Rosa Nogueda, Sonia Torres, Chris Furguson, Lisa Middleton, Gene Carl, Irene Aragon, Jim Predmore,  Joe Saiza,  and me, your humble publisher.
An all star cast if there ever was one. We can’t wait until next year!
I even invested in a new cowboy hat. I haven’t purchased one for about 20 years, but felt compelled to do so to get into the spirit of the event.
Our reporter Chris Furguson tried his hand at riding a horse too. That was during the media day that was documented here two weeks ago. He managed to stay on the horse and even got it to go the right direction… occasionally! Chris was herding cattle in the team penning that included working with some people actually knew what they were doing!
Even erstwhile photographer Lisa Middleton got into the act, donning a cowboy hat and getting on board a horse for at least a couple of photos.
ONE OF THE EVENTS WE ALWAYS like to take in is the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast. It goes on just before the parade and is an especially good way to start your day.
There are always plenty of people on hand to talk to,. They come from all over too. We met a couple from Oceanside and another Tucson. Some of them follow the rodeo and some of them just like to have a good time.
The Shriners of Al-Bahr bring enough people to fill up a fourth of the parade. Shriners like to party too.
You should join them, then make this Western Tradition a  part of your schedule each year afterward.
You can’t go wrong.